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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Nutty Professor-Saint or Oracle?

Once again the humble smoker is accused of infanticide due to their insistance on lighting up in front of the kiddies, this time it's in your pride and joy, your car.

The President, of the Royal College of Paediatrics, Professor Terence Stephenson is widely reported on the BBC as saying:

Why on earth would you light up in your car whilst your children are sitting quite happily in the back?

On the assumption that you wouldn't pass the packet round and invite the kids to light up, why make them breathe tobacco smoke at all?

Well you wouldn't, would you? Instead make them sit in a tin box, with windows closed, and inhale that lovely coctail while you do the school run.

Diesel exhaust is more carcinogenic than cigarette smoke, but isn't regulated like smoking. Rather, our tax system encourages more diesel use in our cities. So where's the 'Quit' campaign against dirty diesel?

Of course you wont hear the good professor losing sleep over this, nor ASH et al:

Health effects of diesel exhaust

* Coughs and phlegm
* Lightheadedness, nausea
* Increased susceptibility to allergens like dust or pollen
* Irritation of eyes, nose, throat and lungs
* Inflammation of lungs, and increased asthma attacks
* Respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
* Lowered resistance to respiratory infection
* Macrophages overwhelmed by particles result in immune reactions that cause inflammation and 'sticky' blood, increasing risk of clots and both heart and lung disease
* Mutations in chromosomes and damage to DNA
* For people exposed chronically to 1µg/m3 of diesel exhaust, a rate of lung cancer in the range of 34 to 650 people per million
* Possible cause of multiple chemical sensitisation, leading to changes in red and white blood cells, bleeding, liver damage, and degeneration of the nervous system.

There are two things about diesel exhaust that affect our health: one is the particles and their size; the other is what the particles are made of. Particles are made whenever something is burned – whether wood, petrol, tobacco, gas or diesel. Diesel is popular for fuel economy, but the size, number and composition of the particles in its exhaust make it more toxic than other fuels.

Burning diesel creates fine particles of oily carbon, ash, sulphates, and sulphuric acid that are ejected out the exhaust pipe and into the air. Diesel exhaust is thickest when the engine is old, working hard, or badly tuned, and the fuel has impurities.

While only 10 per cent of cars and trucks run on diesel, they're responsible for around 80 per cent of fine particles from vehicles. Along with road grit, bits of brake lining, tyre rubber, and exhaust from other fuels, they form mostly invisible dust storms in the concrete canyons and suburban savannas of our cities.

The high hazard zone for health is considered to be 150 metres either side of busy roads – particularly within 50 metres. Depending on the number of vehicles trailing plumes of particles in their wake, levels here can be two, three, up to 10 times higher than the usual city background – which is already unhealthily high.

As particle concentrations in the air rise, so do death rates, from a variety of causes. And the impacts add up over a lifetime. At greatest risk are children, with their developing lungs; the elderly, on top of a lifetime of exposure; and people with emphysema, asthma, and chronic heart and lung disease.

Now hear the man say his piece, for the sake of the kiddies of course.

Just a thought, could the fact that the good professor has just been appointed the new head of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health have something to do with his machinations, well...a professor has to get his name up in lights somehow and smoking + children is a guaranteed light flicker to Joe Public, or am I just being a cynical old codger?

Update: Kids ‘at higher risk from traffic pollution particles than previously thought’ TBY


healthy smoker said...

Sounds like another tosser thats full of his own importance. Tell him to piss off!

Belinda said...

This point was made by a caller to Radio Scotland this morning. The presenter pointed out to the caller that it was not the paediatrician's job to comment on diesel fumes: we can't do without cars because the economy relies on them. The caller retorted that this was clearly nothing to do with health since the economy comes first where diesel fumes are concerned.

Most of the callers (including Sheila Duffy) were in favour of the policy but those against talked in terms of personal responsibility, the economy coming before health and over protection of children among other things.

TheBigYin said...

My apologies for mis-spelling the word Infantacide, which should have read Infanticide, a smoke induced error, no doubt.

Simon said...

Another nasty jobsworth hellbent on interfering with our lives. The thought that we are probably paying this knobhead about 250k to spout this sort of garbage makes it even worse. Bring on the spending cuts and the quicker the better.

Anonymous said...

Kids should be kept out of cars.
If fact why not just lock them up in a nice sterile place until they reach 18.

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