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Saturday, 13 June 2009


A few weeks ago Chelsea fans were left scratching their heads after their team were robbed of a place in the Champions league final, by the Norwegian referee Tom Henning Ovrebo.

The old Shed enders were aggrieved, shouting, swearing but in the face of adversity failed to even spark up a Mayfair light or even a pre rolled old Holborn, the invisible referee was at work.

Referee Tom Ovrebo had denied them victory but who were the invisible referees who had red carded their smoking pleasure, a few clues to start from the football league.

  • Walsall FC stand is sponsored by NHS Txt 6446 are they going to let you smoke and upset their sponsors, like f*u* are they.

  • Oh and NHS Walsall sponsor Walsall shirts are they going to let you smoke and upset their sponsors, bo*lo*ks are they.

  • Preston North End has a stand two-thirds of the stand’s interior is for the use by Preston NHS PCT, are they going to let you smoke and upset the PCT my a*s* will they.

Before reading on lets remind ourselves the stands at the vast majority of Stadiums are not 50 % enclosed and therefore smoking is perfectly within the law, so there are other forces are at work.

  • Quite interestingly the Chairman of the football Leagues working party, Tim Davies of Leicester City seems to be lacking in mathematical skills.Out of a survey of 43,000 football league fans only 50% wanted a total outright ban , yet Tim Davies proudly announced that fans around the country were clearly in favour of going smoke free, since when was 50% a clear mandate for any policy.

  • And interestingly nearly 80% of smoking and non smoking fans in the survey were quite happy with some form of smoke free policy ie separate smoking and non smoking areas or a compromise.

You are probably following the plot, you pay your NI contributions, the government gives it to the NHS, they spend your money on football related projects, football clubs do not want to upset their NHS backers so a*se holes to you. No smoking they have delivered a yellow card.

You have waited patiently who is chief referee delivering the red card in the football league its none other than Nicotinell who are official Nicotine replacement Therapy of the football league.

It gives a whole new meaning to playing on your own patch so go support your local non league team.


TheBigYin said...

I like watching a game of football on the TV now and again but have never in my lifetime been to see a football match at a stadium. I do know tho that fans, the hardworking, not paid a decent wage type of fans, are getting shafted by corporate sponsorship and end up paying exhorbitant prices at the get, let alone season ticket holders!

That is bad enough but now the health Nazis are imposing even more prohibitive strictures on the 'man in the street' who put British football on the world map in the first place!

Is it a case of 'you pays your money but have no choice!'

Football fans everywhere, you don't deserve this!

Helen said...

Thanks for that B7.
The health freaks and zealots will leave no stone unturned.
God help us all as we shift closer towards the prohibition era.
It's history repeating itself and it will all end ugly, just like it did in the past.

Anonymous said...

I hope there is a backlash and in the future tobacco companies ought to be allowed to sponsor such events again!! Long live the free market!!


TheBigYin said...

Brief comment B7, would your local non league team allow you to smoke whilst watching the game?

Anonymous said...

I have only one word for these Anti-Smoking A*selickers


B7 said...


My local non league team allow smoking at their ground, they are glad of local support and people spending money there.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I'm a non-league fan and smoking is fine ... at the moment. There are rumblings from some morons though.

But ours is an extremely well-supported team, I'd be surprised if step 2 of non-league or lower will see bans being brought in. Many struggle to get more than a couple of hundred at a game and are always on a financial knife-edge.

Great piece Botswana7

TheBigYin said...

This is the thing about blogging that I like B7...the diversity, I never gave much thought to how other venues, other than the usual pubs and clubs etc, were feeling the effects of this rediculous UK smoking ban.

Anonymous said...

Great B7, no vested interest their then.
Big Pharma sucks! I cannot wait for the day they get their wings clipped.

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