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Friday, 5 June 2009

That universally welcomed smoking ban again

Gamblers don't seem to think it's that great, either.

Smoking Ban Nearing An End? UKIP's General Election Odds Slashed

UKIP could gain a massive boost from smokers in the next General Election as they are the only main political party to have stated in their manifesto that they intend to repeal the highly Unpopular Smoking Ban which has closed thousands of pubs, clubs and bingo halls throughout the UK.

William Hill have opened a book on whether Labour or UKIP (UK Independence Party) win most seats at the Euro Elections and make UKIP 5/4 (2.25) favourites with Labour 11/8 (2.37) and a tie 11/4 (3.75), indicating further that smokers and tolerant non-smokers have been spreading the word about UKIP's policy.

It has long been argued that pubs, clubs, etc. should have the right to determine their own smoking policy. Independent evidence and statistics indicate that smoking bans INCREASE, rather than decrease, the number of smokers - the likely reason being that the general public do not appreciate being told what to do by a nanny-state Government.

To date, neither The Conservative or Liberal Democrat parties have announced any planned changes to the smoking ban.

Looks like the Tories and the Lib Dems are backing the wrong horse. 12 million smokers are a hell of a lot of voters to mess with.

Perhaps one or other of the parties might one day join the bookies in slashing the odds on a return to common sense and a repeal of the smoking ban, but then just as one will never meet a poor bookie, you'll also find it difficult to find a strapped politician recently.

The difference is that bookies deal in hard facts, they have to in order to turn a profit, whilst politicians (especially Labour) lie.

Still, the bookies have insured themselves against disaster, they are generally very astute at such practices. Politicians are a different matter entirely, it will take being voted into oblivion before they notice that they have been listening to bullshit and lies from the healthist minority.

They'll wake up one day, but meanwhile let's just revel in the fact that we have one less corrupt shit to deal with.

She is already paid between £45,000 and £50,000 a year as a consultant to the Boots chain of pharmacies, according to the House of Commons Register of Members' Interests.

She also pockets between £55,000 and £60,000 as an adviser to Cinven, which paid £1.4billion for Bupa's UK hospitals and runs 25 private care facilities in Britain.

Thanks for the smoking ban Ms Hewitt, I hope one day that the people you have put on the dole queue in order to increase your payout from your pharma paymasters, come to your house and burgle everything they can lay their hands on.

It would help tackle 'health inequalities', don't you think?


TheBigYin said...

Yeah Dick, the smoking ban is as welcome as a fart in a space suit! Never, in my lifetime, have I seen such vindictiveness against a lifestyle persute.

Anonymous said...

People are more concerned with the loss of personal freedoms and liberty than the expense scandals.
All the parties are thieves and that is a known fact.
I have always preferred a thief to a liar.

Basil Brown said...

It's the combination. All the years of We Know Bestism, the bullying and the bans, all excused... to some... by the thought that nulabor [I don't capitalise the fuckers] were somehow a moral-authority: that they did what they did because they thought it right and good. The expenses-racket has turned weary-resignation into shouting rage.

The nulabor Party are in complete chaos and electoral-meltown. It's every cockroach for themselves now, with so many wishing to disassociate themselves from their leader.

Pressure must be maintained on the Tories. They are pledged to overturning the hunting ban, but not the smoking ban. This is an inconsistent and potentially damaging position - why be liberal to the toffs but not the ordinaries?

I am optimistic... there will be an amendment. There will be smoking in pubs again within two years.

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