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Sunday, 21 June 2009

David Goerlitz on the corruption of tobacco control

David Goerlitz was the "Winston Man" for a tobacco brand in the USA before turning on his bosses and throwing his hand in with the anti tobacco lobby. He soon found out how these rabid zealots would stop at nothing to get their own way, and how! David Goerlitz could smell the hypocrisy more than any amount of second hand smoke.

Here Goerlitz talks to Christopher Snowdon, author of Velvet Glove, Iron Fist. Chris is also a member of Freedom To Choose.


Helen said...

And this comes from the horse's mouth and yet still the MPs won't listen!

We can only hope that more in tobacco control realise that lies, corruption and greed are actually wrong - and walk away, like any decent person would.

I'm waiting for the criminal trials. They will eventually come, I just don't know how long they'll take.

The truth always comes out, particularly as there's been a few whistleblowers walking away from TC now.

Perhaps when we get rid of the scum in the current government, we may get some sense of reality back with laws being passed on true science and not junk chasing the filthy lucre.

Anonymous said...

This man worked for the tabacco industry, then quit smoking and worked to promote anti-smoking, I wish he'd make his mind up and stop supporting both sides..

JJ said...

Sorry to be off topic.

Under the tag freedom. Please leave your important comments. Thank you.

'Save the Hospitality Industry by repealing the iniquitous smoking ban'

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