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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Taxpayers pay for the NHS, but administrators 'own' the premises

If you pay national insurance contributions, you might want to read the document below.

Blackpool NHS
As you can see, Blackpool Fylde and Wyre NHS trust are well aware that banning smoking on their grounds is entirely unenforceable by law. They admit that smoking in the open air is legal and that there are no plans by government to change that.

Instead, they have taken to enforcing their own made-up laws on the basis that taxpayers are NOT entitled to set foot on property for which they have paid handsomely.

They threaten legal action if their self-important, righteous rules are contravened. And the reason that they feel this is justified should stagger anyone who has ever believed that the NHS are a service, that we are the ones who pay them for that service, and that therefore we should have some say in the matter.

This is because as the legal owner/occupier of the hospital site the Trust is allowed to impose conditions on the use of its premises.

The legal owners are not those who pay for it, according to the NHS.

They take our money, at pain of fines and imprisonment, and then say that those premises are not legally ours. Instead, an unelected body of administrators have installed themselves as legal 'owners' and are dictating what can or cannot be allowed on property which has been built, maintained, staffed, and equipped with our taxes.

They then go further and state that treatment will be withdrawn from those who disobey.

A patient who refuses to stop smoking outside can be advised that they could be asked to leave the hospital; this would be carried out in accordance with the Trust’s policy on withholding/withdrawing treatment from difficult patients.

See, you thought that by paying national insurance contributions, you were entitled to healthcare. After all, Gordon Brown is always saying that the NHS is free to everyone at the point of delivery.

But you were wrong, it seems. The premises your taxes pay for are not property of the taxpayer, and the treatment you have paid towards for all of your life can be withdrawn on the whim of NHS bureaucrats, without any law saying that what you were doing is illegal.

This is just one of the many ridiculous, wriggling replies that NHS trusts up and down the country have been coming out with to justify making illegal what is perfectly legal under law laid down by government.

It was always assumed that by paying NI contributions (along with those paid by your employer), you were entitled to avail yourself of free healthcare when you need it. Not so. According to this document, your local NHS trust can wipe out your years of contributions and the entitlement which that should entail, for whatever reason they deem fit.

No-one voted these people in, yet they are making up laws that go beyond the ones from parliament. We pay their wages yet they ignore us when we don't like what they are doing. We pay for treatment yet they, unelected, have decreed themselves able to deny us what we have paid for. They revel in spreading vile hatred on national radio too.

If you ever thought that you, the taxpayer, had rights in this country. Think again.


Helen said...

You're right Dick. The tax-payer has no rights and will never be listened to, not with this government system. The only people they listen to are quangos and think-tanks. The general public are just an inconvenience.

I'd still like to know how this Hospital Trust can possibly expect a criminal prosecution when no law has been broken, particularly when the acting Chief Exec Aidan Kehoe appears to be talking in riddles!

Spit it out Aidan - how can you expect a successful criminal prosecution? I'd like to see you try it.

Anonymous said...

The trust is acting like lawmakers and not our servants.
Just how much do we pay Aidan Kehoe to tell us that we are trespassing in places we own and that we are criminals.

Anonymous said...

Who will be the first to sue the NHS when some goon throws them off the premises for persuing a legitimate habit and the their apppointment which is a contract to appear at a set time and place is breached?

Who will be the first nurse to sue the NHS if when asking smokers to leave find themselves in a situation that they are not trained for?

Will the Nurses unions allow their members to be put at risk doing the job of security officers after all the NHS has a duty of care under the Health and Safety act toward their employees, patients and visitors?

This lunacy will put nurses, other staff, patients and visitors at risk.

This is going to get worse how long will be before people are put at risk or even killed because £27million is thrown away on this stupidity?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Actually, Anon, it's £43million.

TheBigYin said...

So much for your caring, sharing health service!

TheBigYin said...

The Freedom To Choose office has just received a phone call from a woman who was upset about the Royal Bolton Hospital's policy of banning outside smoking on 'their' grounds. She confessed that she was an occasional smoker who was about to visit relatives there and was worried that she would be either fined, arrested or marched off the grounds for the crime of having a relaxing cigarette.

She admitted that when a nationwide smoking ban was debated she thought "It'll never happen here, not in the UK." Her husband told her that it would and it would get even worse, they will ban you smoking in the fresh air, but still she was in denial.

After our short talk she now knows that the anti smoker and their cohorts in power, power, power YOU gave them, will stop at nothing to demonise and denormalise you.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee, as our American cousins are fond of saying.

John H Baker
Freedom To Choose

Anonymous said...

It should be blatantly obvious to even the
most dumbest docile smoker or even non-smoker
that the only remaining treatment for
health executives and fellow travellers will
have to be something more "distressing" than
words. They will not listen untill the anguish
they cause to others comes knocking on their
door. They do not take a blind bit of notice

The Rubicon has been crossed

Mark Wadsworth said...

Good stuff.

But you perpetuate the myth that National Insurance (total revenues approx £80 million p.a.) 'pays for the NHS' (cost approx £100 billion per annum).

Don't other people say that 'National Insurance pays for pensions/welfare' (total cost > £100 billion)?

Either one or the other is true, but not both. As it happens both are meaningless.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Shit. National Insurance is £100 BILLION, not £100 MILLION. Typo.

Anonymous said...

My thanks Dick for the correction on NHS figures.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to nazi Britain.
A place where the public servants dictate the Laws.
When 'they' ban patients for eating food that has been brought in by visitors and force NHS 'food' on them will the patients say anything or just go like lams to the slaughter.
The NHS is BAD for your health.
This social experiment will eventually make everyone docile and obeying the made up rules will come easy as they have no fight in them now for fear of either not being treated for an illness or arresyed and given a criminal record.
Heil Hitler.

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