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Monday, 15 June 2009


They have used Flannel, they have not replied, they are stalling for time they are doing everything they can to avoid telling you that it is perfectly legal to smoke on open public ground.

They are not sure who owns public open space, they are sure they know, they know that they know but are undecided because they will not admit it is perfectly legal to smoke on open public grounds.

Aidan Kehoe of the grandly named Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Hospital trust freely admits that smokefree legislation does not extend to hospital grounds but he is stretching every sinew and adding the spin to stop you smoking on grounds that you own.

Today we bring you a movie clip, even Aidan gets a mention in "Blackpool Trust Goes Bollywood".

Click on the image to view or follow the link at:-

Happy smoking and send a link to your friends especially if they work for Blackpool NHS trust.


TheBigYin said...

I'm pissing my pants here. Aiden you are now famous in India and about to be lifted from mediocrity to Bollywood star status...please go there and don't come back!

Anonymous said...

I might have more respect for this website if AIDAN Kehoe's name had actually been spelt correctly.

TheBigYin said...

Thank you anon for keeping us bloggers on our toes. A typo that shouldn't detract from the main thrust of the item concerned, but a typo non the less.

Please come back and visit this site again, we promise you, we will be vigilant in the future.

B7 said...

Apologies to Anonymous and for Aidan for misspelling of name, typos corrected where possible.

Henry North London said...

Interesting using Shaan as a backdrop to the subtitles

It makes no sense in Hindi those spliced scenes though

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