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Sunday, 28 June 2009


Today the Sunday express have totally removed the chains, handcuffs and shackles on the draconian smoking ban.

For to long smokers and there tolerant supporters have scanned the daily newspapers for support and the truth looking for even the smallest article with a crumb of comfort.

No more one line apologetic statements, no more hiding behind Government propaganda statements the Sunday Express have gone for the jugular, be prepared for a seismic shift of gargantuan proportions.

The following appeared in today’s Sunday Express in support of Antony Worrall Thompson , no not tucked away near the obituaries or the free CD instruction this is a MAIN COMMENT, read, digest breathe a sigh of relief you are not alone.


Its Great news that Antony Worrall Thompson is making a stand for common sense on cigarettes. The government ban on smoking is forcing the closure of six pubs a day. Clubs and restaurants are also suffering while the number of smokers shows no decline and the health of the nation is unchanged.

Thompson’s campaign has backing from Mps from the three main parties and the group is fighting for reform when the law is reviewed next year.

They’re asking for rooms in pubs and clubs to be set aside for smokers. It is simple, sensible voluntary move that would improve our right to choose without damaging the health of others.
Full marks to the Sunday Express "go shopping tomorrow and support the Express". Jeremy Clarkson where are you?.


TheBigYin said...

I am bolstered by this blog entry B7 because I had a disregard for FOREST and their 'celebrety' followers like Antony Worell and his smoking celebs because they had the media at their disposal but I now realise that it was that very media that kept them at bay.

It is now TIME for all celebs to come out and say, I AM A SMOKER, AND PROUD TO SAY THIS BAN IS WRONG, WRONG WRONG!

Truth is on their side!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Jeremy will be along soon, one hopes. Along with Littlejohn.

It just takes a breaking down of the barrier of shame which the righteous have put up.

AWT is by no means perfect, but he is brave enough to pin his colours to the mast.

Bravo AWT and bravo Express.

Basil Brown said...

I knew the antis would go too far and force a backlash; for so long they've been asserting their skewed-reality against peoples own experiences, getting ever more shrill in their demands for a so-called "smokefree" dystopia and closing down rational argument. They and the venal politicians who brought us this mess are believed and trusted no more.

The smoking-ban was but a temporary victory for the corrupt hypocritical lying bastards. Now it's time to get one small part of our liberal tolerant decent-spirited country back.

andy said...

“I would actually consider it more fair if the Government declared that all smoking would be made illegal from 2011 onwards and helped every smoker quit until then."
"Though he admits that it is not a habit he is proud"

Dick, just how do comments like this contribute to breaking down the barrier of shame? I thought i was reading an ASH press release, not rhetoric of a smokers rights group.

Sorry that i have a disgusting habit that harms me and those around me, but please do you mind awfully if a have a room where i can carry out my filthy vice?
The Antis must be pissing themselves.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Andy, that's why I said he was by no means perfect. He said something worse at the launch of

But he is one of a few who is willing to put his celebrity status up against the anti-smoking lobby.

Walls don't get taken down in one go. It happens brick by brick.

The Express article is a good start, and AWT should be congratulated for getting it there.

Frank Davis said...

Erm..., I still haven't actually read this comment/editorial on the Express website. You don't provide a link to it, but instead one to a news item about Antony Worrall Thompson.

Simon Clark reported this 'editorial' earlier today on Taking Liberties, but also did not provide a link to it, but used the one to the news item.

I've run a search on the Express website for 'Anthony Worrall Thompson', but didn't find an editorial.

I ran a search on Google news for the same thing, and found no editorial.

Sorry, but until I read this firsthand I'm not going to believe this story.

B7 said...

There is no hyperlink the item was copied directly from the newspapers Main comments.

Most purchasers of papers read the newspaper comments so there would have been a widespread readership of this comment on Sunday.

I am sure the Sunday Express would be happy to confirm the Sunday Comments.

Anonymous said...

Just found one B7, thank you for the article BTW -

Here you go Frank -


Frank Davis said...

I'm not a Sunday Express reader, so what are the 'Main comments'? Simon Clark called it an 'editorial'. Is he right? For me, a 'comment' is what I'm writing now.

TheBigYin said...

It's a bit late but does this link help?

I can't find what B7 was saying about but will find a link in the morning. Good blog entry though.

Frank Davis said...

Thanks for that, mandyv, but that's a link to a related news article, not to the editorial/comment.

Frank Davis said...

No, not that either, TBY.

Somebody must have got this editorial/comment from somewhere. Is there a scan?

TheBigYin said...

Sorry Frank, it is late and I've had a few but B7 gave a link to his story so can't see the problem unless you want a link to the FOREST blog with Simon Clarke's comments in which I can't help cos I have not looked at the comments there.

B7 said...

Frank, you can get the e-edition of the Sunday express by signing up at the following.

The comments section is the same as the Sun newspaper it takes Two or Three of the articles and comments on them from a corporate newspaper point of view.

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