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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pat Karney: Righteous idiot. And your taxes pay for him

Any citizen of Manchester will be well aware of the illiberal state-sponsored cock-gobbler, Pat Karney, but he is exceeding even his own high standards of self-righteous, priggish bigotry since a renowned artist suggested law-abiding citizens, enjoying a legal product, be part of a parade.

Coun Karney told the M.E.N.: "It's a family event and there's going to be thousands of children and young people there.

"Featuring smokers makes a mockery of the millions that has been spent on smoking cessation programmes."

No, Pat, what makes a mockery of the millions spent on smoking cessation programmes is the fact that no cessation of smoking has occurred as a result of your spunking taxes up the puritan wall.

Smoking ban fails to curb the habit: Figures reveal men are smoking MORE

The ban on smoking in public has failed to increase the number of people quitting, a report revealed yesterday.

The proportion of men who smoke has actually risen since the ban in July last year while there was no change at all among women.

The figures, coming after years of declining smoking rates, are a massive blow to Labour's public heath policy.

Manchester might be better served by a trained chimp rather than Karney. Remember that he is Director of 'Smokefree Manchester', who collude with other mutual bansturbators to spend 43 million fucking pounds of our taxes every year (and growing) on their pet prejudice.

He's not good at irony, either.

"There's no doubt that kids do see smoking everywhere and that it's a free society but to spend public money in this way would be a complete disgrace and bring shame on Manchester."

Kids do, indeed, see smoking everywhere. Never more so than after the smoking ban which Karney was abso-fucking-lutely ecstatic about.

So, Pat, you tedious helmet, let's get this straight. Your argument is that you wish kids to be shielded from the sight of people smoking ... yet you are fully behind a law which forcibly thrusts smokers into the gaze of minors, against their will? You also object to horrendous waste of public money, yet at the same time, piss it away like water on ill-conceived schemes which result in no benefit whatsoever?

You're a right card, you.

Just a thought, you hideous prick, but wouldn't it be better if you were consistent and advocated smoking pub-goers being kept inside for the sake of the chiiildren? That way, your stance against perfectly upstanding members of the public being paraded in this way might actually hold some water.

And if you truly object to public money being wasted, how about fitting Smokefree Manchester's cheque book with a common sense lock, only to be picked by people who are sensible and reasoned. People unlike yourself, for example.

Pat, just stick to what you do best ... like inviting the re-decorators in on behalf of your fellow Mancunians, cos you thought it was a good idea at the time.

Pat Karney is brought to you courtesy of the Labour Party.


Curmudgeon said...

Maybe someone should have organised floats representing foxhunters and pistol shooters to spread the outrage around a bit ;-)

TheBigYin said...

Well said Dick, expletives and all, which reinforced what I and most of your readers were thinking about this man. Lets be un-PC here, if the parade were led by Gay Pride where would his 'family values' be? The man's an ejit, worthy of everybodies contempt, nay, beneath it!

Chris said...

Karney's a first class idiot. Didn't he and his cronies not realise that blanket smoking bans are the major form of advertising for tobacco companies.

Everyone smokes outside in full view of everyone - it is the norm!

Has he not twigged yet (or can he not read and comprehend at the same time) that countries that have enacted blanket bans, such as ours, experience a reversal in the downward trends in smoking prevalence?

Latest figures from Ireland - smoking up 2%. Latest figures from Engand also show smoking prevalence on the up, after decades of decline.
Other countries show the same.

He is a top-class p***k. I am so angry though that taxpayer's millions are being thrown away on this to fund useless 'jobs for the boys' which can never deliver.

non invisible outdoor smoker. said...

Is that a photo of Karneytown on a normal evening. God you should have seen it after the scots footy folks were down here, invited by - yes you you guessed it, Pat the prick.

marley said...

You also have to consider that the people of Lancashire and Manchester shagged this fellow up the arse on the congestion charge, so he is bound to still be a bit sore. Control freak, YOU BET HE IS!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Yes, the pic was after the Scots had rampaged, NIOS. They caused millions of pounds worth of improvements - boom, boom.

Coat got and gone. ;-)

Anonymous said...

How many got fined for putting fag ends on the ground? I agree with all the comments.

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Have you heard what this prize prick is considering now? Making any film that has people smoking in it an 18 certificate in Greater Manchester. I don't smoke but frankly I find this bloke's ideas pretty frightening. When I heard him talking on the radio last night he actually made me want to buy and light up a cig. People who think every one should live life the way they think, scare the shit out of me and now he wants to censor the arts just in case some witless little shit is so suggestable that they instantly smoke themselves to death because they saw someone else do it. I find that offensive on so many levels. How did Manchester end up with this utter cock sore in a position where he can make decisions on our behalf. Shame on us all for allowing this to happen.

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