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Thursday, 25 June 2009

How Labour in parliament work: Gillian Merron

This exchange in Westminster exhibits both the best and the worst of our elected representatives.

In answer to a friendly question by Ann Coffey (Labour, Stockport), the Minister of State, Gillian Merron (Labour, Lincoln) exhibits some incredible arrogance to a two-pronged spearing from more knowledgeable MPs.

Note the difference in tone, and attitude.

In response to Coffey.

My hon. Friend is a great champion for quitting smoking. I am delighted ... and I congratulate her ...

Compare and contrast the reply to Philip Davies (Conservative, Shipley), who cares about ALL his constituents (as he has shown before), not just some.

Davies: There is nothing to suggest that the ban on tobacco displays will reduce the number of young people taking up smoking; that ban is merely another triumph for the nanny state and for this Government, who are obsessed with headline-grabbing but pointless initiatives. Will the Minister reconsider this decision, given the negative impact that it will have on small shops, which are already struggling through the recession?

Merron: The simple answer is no, and the reason why is that removing tobacco displays is not going to close shops, no matter how much the hon. Gentleman and others in the House spread myths.

Myths? Such as a documented 23 shops closing every week in Ontario, and 12 in Quebec, due to the same unnecessary measure over the Atlantic, for example?

Then, fresh from the launch of, David Clelland, a fellow Labour MP, challenged her loose grasp of reality too.

Clelland: But if the display of tobacco products encourages young people to take up smoking, what influence do the crowds of people whom we see on the streets outside pubs and clubs have on young people? Would it not be better for these smokers to be hidden away—inside the building in a controlled environment, rather than on the streets, where children can see them?

He's got a point, you know.

Merron can't see it though. Unfortunately, she had her fingers in her ears and was singing la-la-la at the time.

Merron: My hon. Friend is, as always, very inventive in making his point.

Apparently, logic and common sense is now classed as 'inventive' by New Labour.

Could this be why no fucker in their right mind votes for them anymore? Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

When children have to pass pubs, clubs restaurants and all places where smokers congregate, their parent blindfold them to prevent them from seeing adults enjoying smoking.

Budgie said...

This is the very same Merron who offered sympathy and was reduced to tears when one of her constituents, a publican (former F2C member), met with her in 2008 seeking help to solve the pub crisis following the ban.

Helen said...

The smoking ban must have been the greatest form of advertisement that the tobacco companies could have wished for.

More people seem to be smoking because they can only now smoke in full view of everyone else or at home - it has become the norm.

Many kids are also getting their cigarettes for free as well. They only have to go up in 3s or 4s to a couple of pensioners outside the bingo hall/social club.

I can't see the defenseless pensioners saying no when asked by several young hoodies for cigarettes - can you?

As for the banning of tobacco displays - I'm sure that the labourites would believe ASH et al if they told them that smoking was having detrimental effects for the moon.

There is concrete evidence that shops will close and that these bans do nothing to reduce youth smoking rates. Why do they only listen to vested-interest lobby groups and ignore the actual facts?

TheBigYin said...

Gillian Merron (Minister of State (Public Health), Department of Health; Lincoln, Labour)

"My hon. Friend is a great champion for quitting smoking. I am delighted to hear of the success of the scheme, and I congratulate her constituents on taking this action. We want to support a culture of quitting. That is why we are spending an additional £2.5 million this year on 25 local authorities in circumstances precisely such as those she describes—those areas with high smoking rates where local programmes are most needed. That is also why the Government are seeking to take even further action through provisions in the Health Bill."

An addtitional 2.5 million? How much have this government spent of taxpayers money to date on manufactured data regarding youth smoking prevalence? Get real woman!

Pat Nurse said...

I expect Ms Merron will have to go and lie down on her £1,400 mattress and watch her £400 TV package that she scrounged off the British taxpayer through *ahem* expenses after such a hard day at work.

She is biased, anti-smoking, discriminatory, and the people of Lincoln deserve better. If any fellow Lincolnians are reading this, do yourselves and the city a favour and get rid of her at the next election.

Anonymous said...

The prat has more important things to worry about than the smoking ban !!
The main item on her website is a poll:
Should the Lincolnshire sausage be given European protected regional status ?

Mind blowing fucking stuff ain't it ?

TheBigYin said...

Well it had me thinking anon...where the fucks Lincolnshire...oh must be knotts, I watch Robin of Sherwood so don't call me thick...hehehe.

TheBigYin said...

A link on Lincoln County Council asks:

A large amount of scientific evidence states that climate change is occuring which will lead to increased global temperatures. Do you believe climate change is
due to human activity
due to natural causes and not human activity
due to a combination of natural causes and human activity
not happening

Budgie (Lincolnshire Yellowbelly) said...

All 5

(and less of the Lincolnshire bashing, we're not thick)

TheBigYin said...

Sorry Budgie, had to deflect what is happening in Stalingrad...err Scotland so thought Lincolnshire was an ideal target for subterfuge. :)

Pat Nurse said...

Nowt wrong with Lincolnshire and Merron will discover that when we kick her out!

Boz said...

Let's hope so, Pat. This useless bitch of an MP has taken part in 2873 Parliamentary votes and rebelled just NINE times. She should declare Gordon Brown's arse as a second home for her tongue!

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