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Friday, 19 June 2009

On top of the world

Remember Henry Allingham, Europe's oldest man, whose birthday we celebrated earlier this month?

Henry Allingham puts the secret of his long life down to cigarettes, whisky, wild women and a healthy sense of humour.

Well, it seems the old carouser has just become the world's oldest man too.

Great War veteran Henry Allingham has become the world's oldest man following the death of the previous holder of the title in Japan, Guinness World Records said.

During his long life, Henry must have encountered a lot of righteous hectors amongst his peers ... and has outlived every last one of them.

Congrats, Henry.


TheBigYin said...

Yes, congratulations Henry, you are worth 10,000 of every one of those selfrighteous hectoring morons from ASH et al (spit) school of illiterates!

Anonymous said...

The news article that said that the other old boy had just died to give Henry this wonderful title of the oldest man made it clear that the previous holder ( a Japanese man) was a non smoker/drinker /meat eater.
They did not print that our Henry had a drink and a smoke (politically incorrect)

Well Henry you outlived him didn't you ???

Gigits said...

I knew fags were good for you! Now I have the proof. Thanks!

Oh, and fair play to Henry Allingham, long may he enjoy a harmless smoke.

Anonymous said...

What a great achievment for Henry, as long as he is still enjoying life, maybe the dogooders should ask the elderly who reach a great age, what they did not do, one of them must be ignoring anti bigots, they are enough to put anyone into an early grave. Some so called "no it alls" no nothing about life, they just think they do.

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