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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

None so blind

Sad news.

Camra cannot find enough candidates for design prizes as public houses close at record rate

For the first time in more than 25 years, most of the annual Campaign for Real Ale's pub design awards will not be presented today – because in the crisis gripping Britain's pubs there simply aren't enough worthy candidates.

A handsome Victorian gin palace in London, a Wiltshire venue given a gastropub update, and a shiny steel and glass microbrewery in Reading will share the honours - but that's it.

No awards are being made for conversion to pub use, for the conservation prize sponsored by English Heritage, or for the category best loved by Camra members, the best traditional corner pub.

Traditional pub, you say? Is that the kind of pub which was about to reap mega-profits, according to CAMRA chief Mike Benner, just two short, carnage-ridden years ago?

Millions will return to the Pub after Smoking Ban - 20/02/07

CAMRA Chief Executive Mike Benner said: “This survey shows that non-smokers will be attracted to pubs after the ban comes into force, and many of them would like to find a real ale waiting for them when they get there.

“The smoking ban will be a difficult transition for licensees, but it is encouraging that only 3% of people surveyed by CAMRA said they would not visit pubs at all as a result of the ban. The key will be to ensure that other factors such as quality of real ale, food, atmosphere and welcome are all superb. If this is the case then the traditional Community Pub will have a bright and healthy future.”

It's up there with Michael Fish saying that umbrellas won't be needed, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

“This survey shows that non-smokers will be attracted to pubs after the ban comes into force, and many of them would like to find a real ale waiting for them when they get there.

Perhaps they got lost. Do you think we ought to send out a search party?

Anonymous said...

Only 3% of people surveyed said that they wouldn't vivit a pub when the smoking ban came in !!

Those 3% must have spent a lot of money and drank a lot to have made all the thousands of pubs close.

marley said...

Mike Benner - First Class Pillock!

Helen said...

No surprises there - no doubt they cherry-picked who their surveys went to.

They deserve everything they get for ignoring their loyal customers who kept them all in their jobs and cushy lifestyles.

There's still time for them to redeem themselves, if they wish to survive. It's blatantly clear that they were hood-winked, just like our MPs.

These anti-smokers who demanded the draconian ban to cater for themselves only, are not regular pub-goers. They have not put their money where their mouths are.

We tolerant non-smokers and smokers shout loud and spend in pubs, yet we are ignored.

BTW - I'm not quite sure how these community pubs are enjoying this bright and healthy future. Perhaps Mike Benner could explain? I can't see how being on the dole, homeless, bankrupt, stressed-out and penniless is 'bright and healthy'. Many others can't either.

TheBigYin said...

Who listens to a load of bearded, middle class sandal wearers anyway, certainly not the people around this neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Prior to the ban I worked in a no smoking office, but we only didn't smoke when we had visitors and i think people thought the smoking ban would be a similar sort of rule lol They didn't realise it was going to be policed in such a harsh and dictatorial manner, they expected there would be leeway when it was snowing/raining or the old and infirm and a lot of places would turn a blind eye, they didn't expect what we got, smoke police/criminal records/vile abuse. I know several people who thought it was a good idea beforehand but now have changed their mind about it.

Tich said...

Only 3% said they would not visit as a result of the ban, what percentage said they'd visit more often (i.e. twice a year instead of once) - the remainder saying they would visit less often ??
Must have been to the ASH (spit) school of statistical analysis

TheBigYin said...

Is that Tich from around the York area and used to come to our meetings?

If so, keep in contact. :)

Paul Garrard said...

Anyone noticed that we are in a recession?

Helen said...

Yes Paul - which makes it more astonishing, doesn't it?

In all previous recessions, most pubs flourished and were not really hit. Mind you, they didn't have the ban to contend with then, did they?

TheBigYin said...

And the recession has relevancy to the smoking ban because?

Check your figures pre ban and before the so called, man made, 'recession' or commonly known as the credit crunch!

Tich said...

It certainly is TBY :-)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Do you want the figures pre and post-recession Paul? Please say yes, as I'd love to rip your guts out again.

With all due respect, of course.

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