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Monday, 22 June 2009

Two non-smokers talk sense about the UK smoking ban: Sense or sensibility?

Is this what it has come to, where non smokers have to stick up for smokers? Do we smokers feel we are that low in the pecking order that we are below the animals that we love and adore?

Do we smokers get a say in this? After all we are 25% of the population, arn't we?

We smokers and landlords can weep all we want, we will not get our fair pubs back whilst we weep into our supermarket beers, sat at home smoking telling ourselves that the Smoking Ban Experiment has NO effect on us, what liars we are to ourselves, we are no better than ASH Et Al, we are liars to ourselves! Until we stand up and say NO FUCKING MORE, I am a human being worthy of respect...and if you think not the...well you can guess the rest!

I am no lamb, no saint but I realise when someone has 'done wrong' should fess up, as I have done, on many an occasion, but having a smoke? FFS, what kind of crime is this?


Anonymous said...

Doesnt help our cause when the Director of FOREST apparently hasnt read the passive smoking studies and says 'the jury is out'. WTF? Isnt 6 out of 7 studies enough?

Anonymous said...

Jon Gaunt and David Goerlitz were both anti-smokers and are now against Tobacco Control. I hope that more anti-smokers see the light.

Anonymous said...

With most of the Government having their snouts in the trough, it's a good job that pigs get better treated than smokers, as when the crooked M.P.'s get thrown out at least they will be 95% protected in their envoironment as opposed to smokers.

Helen said...

It looks like the antis are doing a good job themselves - they're pushing that far that even the anti-smoking lobbyists are jumping ship.

Just look at how David Goerlitz has recently exposed so much of their corruption and lies, confirming that it isn't about health, but money and how he was told to lie in court about the tobacco industry!

They're losing support on a daily basis as more and more realise how they've been duped and have lost their jobs/way of life as a result of someone else's greed.

Gigits said...

I know lots of non-smokers who think the ban has been a mistake.

Shame the government take no notice at all.

TheBigYin said...

If anybody can't hear the full video then please say here and I will put it on a medium where you can hear the full context. Mine's stops not long after Simon speaks?

let me know!

Helen said...

I've only just got around to hearing this video and it played all the way through.

Simon Clarke needs correcting though - smoking prevalence does not reduce with blanket smoking bans. In fact, blanket smoking bans reverse previous downward trends.

Latest figures from Ireland - smoking prevalence up from 27% to 29%. No wonder the pubs are lost causes when they don't cater for almost 30% of the population and their non-smoking friends.

Latest figures from England - displayed in the Daily Mail, show a similar outcome.

We all know that alchohol is next (along with certain foods). I feel very, very sorry for the pubs that have tried to adapt to become 'family friendly' instead of 'customer friendly'. God help them! They have been well and truly duped.

TheBigYin said...

We now have Wiel Maessen from the Netherlands as a guest blogger and please expect blogs from him or his friends in the future, welcome Weil and friends to the UK, the Netherlands contribution will be invaluable.

JOhn H Baker

Anonymous said...

TheBigYin said...

Thanks for your link general. I have no idea whether you are being helpful or disagree with our stance on the UK smoking ban but this document further enhances our education on what we are up against and how to fight them...all knowledge is power.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Not only pigs get preferential treatment. Sheep in transit must by law be allowed at least 0.3 to 0.5 square metres of floor. But the Health & Safety Executive told a [Private Eye] reader last month that there are "no regulations which specify a limit" for people in trains.

Helen said...

Gigits - I know loads of non-smokers who can't stand the ban, for numerous reasons including loss of their social lives down to stepping into the road to pass the pub (narrow pavements in some places!) I know as many non-smokers who moan about it as smokers. The blanket ban is farcical and is not working.

The blanket ban is only there to rake in big money for the anti-smoking activists.

It has, as most people are now learning, nothing to do with health. If health had been brought into the equation then there would have been choice.

Anonymous said...

They are even going after e-cigs and smokeless tobacco, which nullifies the "second hand smoke" idea, and makes it clearly obvioius that cessation product sales are the main purpose of these bans.

TheBigYin said...

Of course general, they don't even disguise the fact anymore that they hate smokers choice and their ultimate aim is to wipe tobacco of the face of this earth regardless. They are not even new puritans anymore, just vile people who want to inflict their hatred on others.

Anonymous said...

Since these bans are all about health, they should be required to put the Chantix and Zyban warning on all of the government issued “No smoking” signs to prevent suicides and lawsuits by forcefully coercing residents into using a dangerous product.

Anonymous said...

So smokers are like pigs or sheep?

What a silly analogy to make, since when are smokers animals, since when are smoking raised to be slaughtered for human consumption, since when are cattle giving off toxic fumes that other pigs are breathing in and dying from as a result.. what nonsense..

Dick puddlecote quotes the transit law but fails to mention that sheep in transit don't have a choice! they don't opt to get on a train/lorry.. they don't decide to be eaten! people make a choice to get on a train, and if the train is packed they get the next one! again.. distraction..

Dick Puddlecote said...

Hwey, Anon, take it up with Private Eye, it's their quote not mine you stupid cunt.

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