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Monday, 8 June 2009

D-Day remembered.

By F2C member Paul Kearns.

What Have we Actually Lost Then?

Firstly, may I apologise that this is not totally to do with the smoking ban. It is more a reflective muse, sparked off by reading about the farce that was the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

How different would it have been had they simply stayed at home and said (as most would these days) – “it’s the carncils problem – innit”?

What did they fight and die for?

Freedom of speech?

That has been sacrificed on the altar of “terrorism”. We can no longer say what we think, for fear of being branded a terrorist or a heretic. The terrorism act actually defines any action or utterance that may be construed as an attack or criticism of the government as a crime.

So – If they fought for that, we have given it away.

Peace and Quiet?

Peace of mind and even peace to exist as you wish is an item that is simply not “allowed” these days. We are daily given ever more things to worry about. Designed (in the Hitler mould) to “keep the population occupied by terror”. There is not a single person in this country who can say that he, or she, is totally – “at peace” – that would never do.

So – If they fought for that, we have given it away.

Our Country?

We don’t have a country. Plain and undeniable fact sadly. The “idea” of being British, is slapped down at every chance. We are being forced to be Europeans and, pride in one’s country is seen as “ a bit unsavoury”. No – the idea of Queen and Country has gone.

So – If they fought for that, we have given it away.


Perhaps, one of the most revered traditions in this country is that of having fantastic and old fashioned pubs. It has, for most visitors, been the epitome of England. Having a pint, putting the world to rights and socialising has been for over 1000 years, a facet of British life. It has been emulated (but never equalled) all over the planet and, when the bombs were falling, did they close? – NO. Now we have the smoking ban, they are closing at rate that, if it is not reversed, will see the end of that tradition within my lifetime.

So – If they fought for that, we have given it away.

The Freedom from Tyranny?

We are the most spied upon, dictated to and controlled people on the planet. Not even Stalin could get anywhere near the daily interference and reasons to be arrested that we now live under.

So – If they fought for that, we have given it away.

Law and Order?

We now live in the second most violent times that this country has ever known. Our chances of becoming the victim of a violent crime have only been greater in the 14th Century than they are now. We have a police force, run by people who are totally “target” driven and arresting a Granny for non payment of council tax “ticks” the same box as arresting a knife wielding murderer (although the murderer is less likely to go to jail). We can boast a totally disenfranchised underclass who simply exist outside our laws and society and, for the most time are, “allowed to get on with killing each other” – only when a “normal” person gets involved is it seen as a crime. The police even have an “official” drugs price list, so they can “advise” dealers if their prices are too high and likely to cause trouble. Giving someone a “clip around the ear” is more likely to get you arrested than dealing drugs or stabbing a rival gang member.

So – If they fought for that, we have given it away.


The traditional family values, handed down for hundreds of years have been the target of concerted attack of late. Firstly, the state declares quite clearly that they “own” our children and, if we do not agree with them, then they have the “power” to take them away and “give” them to a gay couple or a drug addict – for “our own good”. If you then add the fact that, if a man and woman conceive a child, they would both be several thousand pounds better off a year if they do NOT live together as a couple. We even have government paid “patrols” to check if the parents are committing the crime of “co-habiting” – that would never do. So, we now have a system that actually discriminates against any normal family unit, discriminates against marriage (loss of benefits make it simply untenable for some) and actively seeks out those who try to act as “Mum & Dad” and punish them.

So – If they fought for that, we have given it away.

Our Industry and Commerce?

We no longer own our industry. Much of it is German owned and the rest is split between France and India. The rest belongs to various other countries. We do not even own the gas that comes from our North Sea (that is split between the French and the Germans). As far as our commerce is concerned, it has landed us (in the last 10 years) with more debt than this country has ever known – if you added all our previous debt together – since forever. So – it’s fair to assume that this is not working much any more.

So – If they fought for that, we have given it away.

The Future?

Unless we find people like the men that I saw at the D-Day memorial – we don’t have one.

So – If they fought for that, we have given it away.

Soon, if “all good men do nothing”, there will be no-one left to remember and these men and women will also be gone – and that will be the end – full stop – end of game.

So – If they fought for that, we have given it away.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Brilliant piece. What this government have done is a disgrace to the efforts of our war vets.

Ideology over tradition and respect, every time.

TheBigYin said...

Yes it is Dick. (amended a couple of little editorial mistakes.)

Anonymous said...

Yes Paul, that is brilliant, it seems so much has been given away, I wonder what will be left for our children and Grandchildren.
What freedoms will they be left with as so much is slipping away or gone now?

Anonymous said...

I wish that my Father hadn't bothered to go to war in 1939.

Pat Nurse said...

Just spotted this and thought you might want to read it

TheBigYin said...

Thanks for the link Pat, our message is going far and wide.

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