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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Earth to planet Arnott

Some are worried north of the border.

Cigs display ban ‘threat to small shops’

Dundee’s small newsagents and corner shops face the threat of closure under Government plans to ban tobacco displays, it was claimed today (writes Alan Wilson).

The Dundee and Angus branch of the Scottish Federation of Small Businesses say they have been approached by local shopkeepers, who fear the move could threaten the viability of their business.

Business experts are concerned.

Alan Mitchell, chief executive of Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce, said that, while the chamber had not been approached on the issue, any loss of income from cigarettes and tobacco would have an adverse effect on small businesses.

“Clearly it’s going to take some business away from small shops."

Meanwhile, on Planet Arnott.

Deborah Arnott, chief executive of Action on Smoking and Health said, “All this survey shows is that the Tobacco Retailers Alliance, a tobacco industry-funded body, has managed to frighten small shopkeepers into thinking that putting tobacco out of sight will kill their businesses.

“Yet again the tobacco industry is crying wolf, just as it did with smoke free legislation, which it said would destroy our pubs.”

Yep, cos that didn't happen at all, did it?


Anonymous said...

Arnott is definitely on another planet - and so are those that believe what she says.

Concrete evidence around the world where display bans are in operation demonstrate that small shops will close and nothing happens to smoking prevalence.

That woman is a first-class nutter to come out with words like that.

planet arnott said...

I can believe any rubbish that suits me, and I'm entitled to my opinion, so there, and, (fingers in ears), LAH LAH LAH, I'M NOT LISTENING!

(As told to zaphod)

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