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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Whoa Nanny, whoa!

We should all be acquainted by now with Professor Steve Field and his now infamous remarks that all smokers are potential child abusers, and he’s not the first one to lump smokers with child abuse, look up Duncan Bannatyne sometime.

Below are two recordings about the smoking debate. The first is an interview on BBC’s Newsnight, which is up for seven days from Monday the 9th of August but, unfortunately, if you live outside of the UK you will not be able to view it, sorry. In the interview the good prof is unrepentant and has two stalwarts of tobacco control to back him up.

The first recognised name was Caroline Flint, one of the architects of the UK smoking ban.  10202

The second speaker, Kate Pickett, in this interview (apart from Steve Field) is someone I’d never heard of until I heard she was the co-author of  The Spirit Level, a book that I am not acquainted with but I knew Christopher Snowden had written a critique of it.

K Pickett
Professor Kate Pickett, co-author of The Spirit Level.
The Newsnight debate.

Turn down your speakers or headset.

The second recording is from Talksport and their phonein on the subject of Professor Steve Field and Freedom2Choose’s (Scotland) Michael Davidson talks on the subject of child abuse and smokers.

Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click to play

Hat tips to Freedom2Choose's (Scotland) blog for the Michael phone in and also to the F2C forum member Sheenadon. 


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Big Yin. That's ridiculous they say smokers could be child abusers. I bet they would be worse....abusing peoples freedoms and being so dictatorial in their bans of smoking.

Baz said...

All this depends on how you define "child abuse"

Anonymous said...

It would be most unwise for
Anti Smokers to tread the path of "child abuse" they could end up
in a Cul de Sac wishing they had not opened that Pandora's box.

The 3rd Watch

Anonymous said...

They have already, the box is open I will watch with interest as they try to find the money to save so many allegedly abused children!, What will be sacrificed first? ASH and tobacco control I hope, after the children are the priority and ASH is a clear and present danger to destroyin gthe childrens families.

Anonymous said...

BAZ why dont you go and fuck off you boring piece of control freak shit, have you nothing better to do with your time than to hang around posting on pro smoking blogs? Is your life so sad that you really have nothing better to do? Fucking jog on you boring cunt.

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