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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ciggy Busters-the other side

I received an amazing phone call about half an hour ago from a gentleman by the name of Jim. Now 'Jim' is a reporter working for the Medway newsgroup, I assume the Medway Messenger (?) I was amazed because he had phoned to enquire why we were so angry about the 'Ciggy Busters' article & video-he wanted our side of the story.

Sorry, I'll repeat that for the benefit of the dazed & bewildered...


I informed him very politely that all smokers would find it offensive for the simple reason that it was portraying smokers as 'fair game' for any type of vigilante abuse. (Oh!) It was sending out the message that we agreed with 'wolf packs', ie gangs of kids, marauding the streets taking any chance to intimidate people not of their liking/persuasion. (Oh!)

I then explained that this would not be tolerated if it was aimed at gays, muslims or the disabled. (No. Well of course not Phil)
Then why can a minority faction, smokers, be subject to random attacks when gays, muslims & the disabled are obviously exempted? (Well they are...[pause]...I see...yes...hmm).

I went on to say that the arts teacher was totally irresponsible in even cultivating the idea, never mind activating such and that if she thought this was anything to do with art, she was Irish, not Italian! Bullying, intimidation & robbery can never be termed artistic in way, shape or form.

I further explained that we were not a loony pro-smoking group but a nationwide PRO-CHOICE organisation with full backing from the likes of our friends at the CIU - that caused a sharp intake of breath I assure you.

I went on to ask how much he thought the smoke cessation programme had cost this country so far, about the science behind the ban, about SHS, so called 3rd hand smoke, the pub/club industry, the vilification of smokers, the costs to the NHS, the loss to the treasury if tobacco was banned, the situation in S Ireland & more. He was totally clueless as to any of it, bless him.

Safe to say 'Jim' is now a lot wiser as to smokers temperament, reasoning & feelings so I think the article will be a fair reflection of what was said this afternoon. He seemed mortified at the thought of a smoker objecting to such treatment and 'smacking' one of these idiot youths 'in the mouth'. He did not answer when I asked what HE thought the police would do in such a circumstance?

Unlike the 'Swindon Swamp', I think 'Jim' will print the truth of our conversation for he was quite enthralled with some of the facts & figures imparted.

Bless him, he only phoned for a comment - he got 6 pages worth! Oh happy days.


Bucko said...

Jim sent me an email this afternoon saying he wants to ask about the Ciggy Busters. I gave him my number and he said he would call tomorrow of Friday.
I'll let you know what happens and i'll bear what you have said in mind.

Dick Puddlecote said...

You're more trusting than I, TBY. I'd wait for the article first.

TheBigYin said...

Ehhh, no DP, It whas Phil Johnson who got the phone call.

Baz said...

It's not often you'll hear me say this.. so savour the moment. I agree with Dick.. I'd wait for the article too.. The media never print true to form, despite journalists best intentions, they are always putting their own spin on things to create a good story.
"Hitler Youth are alive and kicking, say fuming pro-smoking group".. I can just imagine it..

I think it's great that he's asking your views on the matter. Please follow up when it's printed with a link. :)

The Filthy Engineer said...

If he rings back for more info. You can tell him that I've got the "Medway hate crime unit" on the case.

Smoke Screens said...

If they want another comment, feel free to send them my way

Anonymous said...

Situation in Ireland?

handymanphil said...

update:- DS Sally Baisley of Medway Hate Crimes Unit is investigating. Good.

Anon:- yes, I did mention the Irish farce

The Boiling Frog said...

Good skills F2C, which reminds me I've yet to have a response to my letter to Medway Council. 2 days left to reply (by their targets) and counting. Tick tock

budgie said...

Off topic a little, but relevant nonetheless


From this Rachael Noxon in 2009
(Bottom of p3and another pic on p7)

'creating programmes that will tackle
local issues of worklessness and community regeneration.'

To this Rachael Noxon in 2010 - full blown professional smoker basher

'Medway Public Health Directorate
A desire to make tobacco a community issue has led Medway to launch a charity fund. It is allowing community and voluntary groups to apply for cash to run smokefree projects.
Rachael Noxon, Tobacco Control Strategic Coordinator'

£5000 up for grabs....

and this garbage....


Anonymous said...

Fuckin great! these fuckin idiots have just given the kids in my area all the excuse they need to mug smokers for their cigs just so that they can have FREE ciggies. What a bunch of arsewipes!!!!!!!!!!!!

jredheadgirl said...

Good work Phil. Let's just hope that the article that comes out actually reflects the truth.

Barking Spider said...

Nice one, Phil, well done - let's hope that Jim doesn't "embellish" your comments or try to give the story a negative slant.

JJ said...

Phil speaks plainly

Coherent and concise Phil…well done!

You’ve done your job – now let’s hope the reporter does his.

Belinda said...

Missed this one yesterday ... great news!

Frank Davis said...

It was sending out the message that we agreed with 'wolf packs', ie gangs of kids, marauding the streets taking any chance to intimidate people not of their liking/persuasion.

Shouldn't that be "disagreed"?

And I wouldn't celebrate until you've read what he's actually written. Not counting chickens before they've hatched... Or not counting eggs before they've been laid... Something like that.

All the same, it's amazing that he phoned to ask.

Sasha said...

Medway politicos debating issue:

Lib Dems against what happened, Labour in support of Ciggy Busters

Eddie Douthwaite said...

Another question that should be asked is

" Did Kent Community Foundation fund the "Ciggybuster" Stunt.

Eddie Douthwaite

Freedom To Choose(Scotland)

Anonymous said...

Just found the cached page for the ciggybusters facebook site which they deleted. No wonder they deleted it as they admit to going to take criminal action.

The Ciggy Busters are a group of students who are taking a physical act against smoking. At locations that will only be revelaed at the time of filming unsuspecting smokers will be swormed by a group of students and have their cigarrettes confiscated from their hands...The adverts dont work so we have decided to take action..thank you for your support :)

budgie said...

The stupid little fucker can't even spell.

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