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Sunday, 29 August 2010

I read the news today…oh boy!

The Irish are scratching their collective heads and asking “Elephant? What elephant???” when it comes to pub closures.

I started my new life as a serial  killer after watching the movie Driller Killer and ratcheted up my  CV after seeing my favourite ‘celeb’ movie stars smoking a cigarette, in full colour no less! If only they were ‘R’ rated I’d have thought twice about being a tobacco junkie.

My old ma in law used to say “keep your own council” and she’s probably rolling in her grave If she could see that today other people take care of your ‘council’, they are called medicare these days.

OMFG! The Welsh have saw the big, fat mammoth in the room! Better late than never, eh?

Oh bugger, I’ve just had an attack of the vapours, no, not those vapours silly, these vapours

…I mean, where do these bastards get off? E-cigs offer the chance  for the smoke addled junkie to reduce their nicotine intake in gradual instalments or even just go through the motions of smoking an E-cig which has no nicotine in it… what are these people on eh? I suppose the intelligent thing is to go ask them, a simple idea I know but you never know, it may catch on. We smokers hate them (I’ve got an e-cig, just for blogging integrity you understand, not that I, a committed tobacco smoker would use it, say on a train, or train station platform, where I am prohibited from smoking there or…) and anti smokers hate them because they look like…well, work it out for yourselves.

These vapours even have their own website and proudly show a woman engulfed in dirty, filthy tobacco smoke vapour from her legal, for now, e-cig. You’d never catch me smoking an e-ci… oh chit, who do I sue? (WARNING, the above link has an FU rating and you go there at your peril!)


I guess I’m just an apeman! More about one of my fav musicians, Ray Davis in particular, in a later post. Bloody love his music!


Baz said...

Another top band.. Kinks.. Ray Davis.. Legend.. Victoriiaaaa..

TheBigYin said...

Awe mate I could talk all day about Ray Davis and the Kinks (apart from smoking that is)and the cows would never come home.

I have d/loaded most of his music and Lola takes me back to when Mrs. Yin and me were sat on the banks the river thames (in Windsor where I was based as a Sots Guardsman) and I asked her to marry me, we were listening to the Kinks on my little radio. I was nineteen at the time and the future Mrs. Yin was thirty two. I'd like to think that Lola had something to do with our long marriage, thirty nine years this August and counting.

isn't live a wonderful thing baz, after all, who knows what's around the corner eh? It may be love, love love...chit, music is going round my head again!

Curmudgeon said...

Surely cutting the drink-drive limit must be the major factor in a recent wave of pub closures in Ireland. Over a few years that will effectively wipe out pubs outside major towns.

Anonymous said...

Very soon there will be no rooms for Elephants or anything else to be seen in,and some fools call this progress.

Anonymous said...

Ha, thanks for the link to Vapers Network.

I didn't realise it might be a bit in-your-face for smokers, sorry about that. All pro-choice folks are very welcome and if there's anything offensive to smokers please let us know so it can be sorted because that's definitely not an intention. It's hard not to present misinformation or biased points of view when there is so much bombarding us all the time.

Angry Exile said...

The Welsh have spotted the elephant? You could have fooled me. One mention in the text. One. All those people on the vid clip and not one mentioned the thing that drove half their clients outside, whereupon they all thought 'fuck this' and went home via the bottle shop.

This is something that they cannot face. No, it was the evil supermarkets to blame, as if they've only just recently started selling grog cheaper than the pubs. Or it's the recession, as if pubs weren't going to the wall 18 months before that came along. Or it's changes in society's drinking habits, and there, though still unwilling to look at it head on, they're finally skirting the truth. Drinking habits have changed in that people would rather drink at home or round friends, and that's because they'd prefer a nice environment with their mates over being charged pub rates to drink in the fucking car park.

TheBigYin said...

Regard what I've written (about the vapour network) with my tongue firmly in my cheek. I meant no disrespect.

You, whoever you are, have came on this blog and never once have you 'dissed'us, to use a modern vernacular.

I have wanted, for ages, to do a blog piece on the Vapours Network, and our aversion to the e-cig, which has been enshrined in our constitution, to which I tried to demonstrate against, and got slapped down via the majority rule.

I will say somthing on toe blog eventually.

Baz said...

TBY.. Ray Davis is like Lennon in so many ways, he's got such a wry wit in his writing.

Anonymous said...

TBY, the person behind this identity at the moment is Kate. You might have seen me around on Facebook or something, teh Wholey Syster ;-)

I know that vaping has been a bit controversial with some smokers and that's fair enough, I can understand another potential weapon against smokers not being welcome. Some people who swap to ecigs are pretty quick to throw smokers under the bus too ... some kind of low self esteem or internalised hatred thing going on I guess.

We're probably going to meet in the middle at some point with tobacco control as the common enemy. :-)

Anonymous said...

John Lennon tribute in a local
last week.Only two in the joint,
rest were in the backyard having
a smoke.
I asked the singer(pro scots entertainer)why he had ended up
in the back streets of East Manchester.

You know the answer

Another life long top singer now
scratches a living singing
AVE MARIA at Irish Funerals.

A wearisome labour thing chirped
in blaming the demise of the working class pubs and clubs on
greedy Tory Bankers

So help me.

The two anti smoking neanderthals at the bar used to be 5 night a week regulars,now just one night
"pubs are dead" their reason.
They left early,one of their mates
reckoned they were going for a late
session in a "smokeasy"
Says it all.

The Gutter Boys

TheBigYin said...

Baz, I say thank you, thank and you thank you thrice for that Youtube clip of Ray Davis, I just love to see that the 'stars' of my youth are still alive and kicking, says he with a drink in one hand and a 'fag' in the other...which makes it hard to type :0).

@Curmudgeon Yep, it goes without saying that they don't (the glitterati)want ordinary people to be able to go to a pub in their cars, spend a couple of hours over one pint while they indulge in the friendly atmosphere of their choice. Beleive me, my bro in law took us out for a pint last night and he fretted and feered about driving, parking and the consequences of SHS (when he eventually got parked.) He is a Musician of note in this neck of the woods (a drummer) of whome I will write about later. Believe me when I say that I hear the causul driving drinkers plight, they are being excluded from us ordinary plebs and our entertainment because they own a dirty rotten car, the bastards! (Sorry, went off on one there.)

@Vapers Network, thank you for the update, Kate is doing a good job explaining what vapers are all about, us stupid smokers need to know these things, we smokers are not stupid you know.

Now piss off you all, I'm putting a record on of Ray Davis and the Kinks...bliss!

Anonymous said...

Gosh well if you know what vapers are about could you tell me please?

TheBigYin said...

Well VN you are just too young to know what 'an attack of the vapours' is all about, awe bless.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I'd better go and practice.

This is what happens when you stop being a smart smoker ... be warned, swapping or even cutting down is hazardous to your credibility.

TheBigYin said...

VN I'm gonna have to write about the ecig and it's demonisation along with the real thing. I am not kidding when I said that F2C had a raging arguement over this and eventually we had it written into our constitution that ecigs were nothing more than nicotine replacement 'therapy' which is at odds with our freedom to choose attitude. I've delayed writing about this in case I may upset my fellow freedom to choosers, especially those on the 'committee' but fuck it, this blog is all about debate so I'll let the commentators decide what is right and what is wrong.

Anonymous said...

You might want to hold on for a bit with that TBY, it's possible that soon ecigs will only be NRT if they are allowed at all.

The problem I see concerns us all. Closure of the nicotine market - cutting out recreational nicotine completely to give the monopoly to the pharm companies. Once non-tobacco recreational nicotine is banned I've heard that the plan is to remove nicotine from tobacco products too.

GSK, Pfizer and AstraZeneca must be having orgasms watching the global trends to hand them the market.

All this will be done in the name of health or for the children no doubt.

jredheadgirl said...

Ah, I love that song "Sunday Afternoon" by the Kinks! What a great F'n song!!!!!!!!

j said...

The dent that e-cigs have made to BT and BP profits is still very small(5% or whatever). I can assure you that before that figure starts reaching even something like 20% they are both going to have e-cigs or similar products(PM already has one ready) available and the whole argument will turn moot. This whole e-cig ban thing is just an easy way for them to even having to begin compete with e-cigs at all. Big companies love regulation because it hurts small companies more than big ones. Of course that is not how monopoly is maintained indefinitely but by a combination of technological, resource, patent etc. superiority.

Anonymous said...

That will only happen if it's profitable, J. The FDA have been suppressing smokeless cigarettes since at least 1987 with the same regulatory excuses they're using now.

It's not been worth bringing ecigs to the market for pharm or tobacco companies so far.

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