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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Let the music play

You may remember, about August time last year, f2c co-hosted a Smokers Music Festival in Lincoln. For me, that night will never be forgotten for it brought together smokers from all areas to enjoy a night of sheer bliss. Local bands strutted their stuff, the beer flowed and there was a constant hubbub of excited chatter as smokers 'lit up' when they felt like it. point to note here! Not one single smoker transgressed and tried to sneak into the pub with a lit cigarette in hand-not even a drunken abberration was spotted!

The licensee, Emma Chapman is an absolute diamond. Sick of doing all the hard graft and earning the pubcos their luxuries she branched out and took on The Jolly Brewer (Broadgate, Lincoln). Now she can buy her beers from wherever she likes-bargaining power. Although a street fronted pub The Jolly Brewer has ample space at the rear and a covered terrace where bands can set up under cover.

Last year we amassed, at very short notice, 234 happy smoker/drinkers who took full advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a fag with a pint. Much literature on smoking bans was read by the customers and the proof that the majority of people had been brainwashed was clear for all to see as looks of astonishment came our way from bemused folk.

Last year Lincoln had the dubious honour of 'housing' Gillian Merron, labour, total anti smoker and the construction engineer for the smokeban review which never happened (thank God!). Her zealotry and constant railing against smokers has, happily, seen her evicted from Parliament so she can now no longer make 25% of the population even more miserable than they already are!

This year sees a Conservative MP, Karl McCartney in the driving seat. Perhaps, as a fair minded man he might like to see for himself just how much happiness a fag and a pint can create. This is of course, not to mention the rapacious ringing of the tills!

Apart from all the information available to willing learners, f2c held a raffle which was well received by all. We are doing the same this year folks and we have a brand new Samsung C3050 (pay as you go) Mobile Phone up for grabs. Tickets are a mere 50p each or 5 @ £2. You don't have to be there on the night you can contact me for tickets (please make your cheques payable to freedom2choose) and I will forward your raffle tickets to you immediately.

Finally, the best news of all. This years event is being held on Saturday 28th August from 12 noon onwards and entrance is FREE!

Even if you can't attend you can boost the night by buying a few raffle tickets-who knows (?) you might be the new owner of a mobile phone!


jredheadgirl said...

..Wish that I could be there:-)

Anonymous said...

The Visigoths will break camp and
advance on Lincoln......IF
there are any troop transporters
proceeding there from The North
West Front Line. Will the Red Rose
mobile battalions heed my plea or
will, once more, silence prevail.

Your ever loyal Visigoth
I am sometimes upset being me
but it could be worse
I could be someone else

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