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Friday, 13 August 2010

The signs of our times

From Michael Seigal's blog:

I can just see the conversation going on between the chief warden of the Middletown jail and the city department that produces signs:

Warden: I'd like to order the signs for the different sections of our prison facility.

Sign Maker: Sure, how many do you need?

Warden: A total of five.

Sign Maker: No problem. What should the first one say?

Warden: Murderers.

Sign Maker: OK. The second?

Warden: Sexual offenders.

Sign Maker: No problem. The third?

Warden: Burglars.

Sign Maker: The fourth?

Warden: Assaulters and Batterers.

Sign Maker: And the fifth?

Warden: Smokers who lit up in a park.

Sign Maker: Excuse me. Could you repeat that?

Warden: Smokers who lit up in a park.

Sign Maker: I think there's a problem with our phone connection. Could you call me back from a land line?
 Should smokers be worried?

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