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Friday, 20 August 2010

Pack up your troubles-Friday night is music night #1

I do need a break from writing about smoking and bans, it’s time to…

Wakey Wake!

No matter what you may think, the Beatles shaped the British music scene and indeed the world of music at large. The day that John Lennon was murdered a part of me died also.

I heard on the news one day that the Beatles were breaking up and had given their final concert on the rooftop of a, by now, famous building, and here is their swansong in three videos:




And this was the start of a phenomenal success story.

Next week, before the Beatles. Then there was Jazz and some stupendous music.

What, you don’t like jazz? After listening to the late, great Gene Krupa you’ll want more…



Baz said...

Lennon's death was senseless, and I've always wondered what the music scene would have been like if he'd have lived. There is something so moving about Imagine, Jealous Guy, Working Class Hero, God.. etc etc.. that just wells up the emotions. He has such a way with words that I envy. The Beatles, IMO, were the greatest band ever. When Harrison died in 2001, it felt like another milestone had been reached. I love all of Harrisons solo work as well as the Wilbury stuff. Harrisons final album, finished and released after his death, is heartbreaking to listen to.

I haven't seen McCartney live, but I would love to. I'd also like to see Leonard Cohen live too. Great musicians.

It's nice to see something other than smoking on this page too.. well done that man.. more :)

Paul Kearns said...

I so well remember that night. It was a group practice night and the news arrived on the radio more or less as we turned up for practice.
We were all shocked and saddened to the core (we were all of "that age").
At the end of the practice, I started (being the keyboard player) playing "Imagine" and, one by one, the rest of the group joined in. Somehow the singer knew the words, I knew all the chords and the rest, as they say, "just fell into place". It was one of those "magical" moments and I have to admit, there was not one of us without a tear in the eye.

The following gig we played in in memory of John - the next week it was No 1.
Once it reached No 1, we never played it again - it would have seemed wrong somehow. Odd when you look back at it how one person can affect so many people.
To me, it was like part of my "growing up years" died with him.

TheBigYin said...

Thank you Baz for your kind comments. I've had this on the back burner for quite a while now but new blog posts kept popping up so I had to wait a while before publishing.

I have been a Beatles fan since my early teens, when the fab four first hit the headlines in 62/3. I was cautious though because people these days see John Lennon as some sort of communist agitator, hence my coutious comment at the beginning of this blog.

I married into a family, way back in 71, who were all musicians and I've gotten an appreciation for all types of music.

Way back then I'd never have thought I'd like such music like Debussy, Grieg or Beethoven.

While I was writing this my bro in law, a retired professional drummer, called round and I showed him the Gene Krupa/Buddy Rich vid and he was over the moon. He's on the verge of getting a computer and becoming a silver surfer lol.

As I said I'm going to visit the big band era and all things jazz befor moving on to other musical tastes that get me going, even classical.

I was gonna add a bit of abuse towards you Baz but how the hell do you abuse a Beatles lover? Top man Baz.

TheBigYin said...

@Paul Kearns. I can well remember that day, I was sitting on the settee bathing my hands in crystals that turned your hands red, (can't remember what they are called.)

I was shocked to the core that some idiot had shot John, couldn't believe it.

It's all history now but not forgotten by me.

budgie said...

'I was gonna add a bit of abuse towards you Baz but how the hell do you abuse a Beatles lover?'

Quite far as Yoko Ono is concerned.

On a lighter note, you might be amused by this

This guy is very talented...

Not sure what the message is. If it's come from Obama, he's been let down again...

budgie said...

Oh yeah, and this one too....

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