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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Smoking Bad News Again

Its with great regret that I have decided to report more depressing news on smoking. You may wish to light up a comforting cigar while you digest the bad news.

As previously reported I have observed an increase in shoppers ignoring the smoking ban in enclosed shopping areas. ---- Bad news for smokers, shoppers ASH, Smokefree and coerced organisations.

A recent observation from my vantage point on a London Bus revealed that the driver of a local authority vehicle was enjoying a cigarette along with a passenger, and they were laughing and enjoying life. ---- Bad news for the population , ASH and pressed local government departments.

In Scotland, Dundee's Ninewells Hospital have been trying to impose an unenforcable smoking ban on the general public for three unsuccessful years. ---- Bad news for the smoking visitors and patients, Scottish health board and social engineering freeks.

A friend has revealed that his London club has now given up on the smoking ban and known members can now enjoy their cigarettes in warm surroundings. ----Bad news for the club members and the population Smokefree.

The London Evening Standard regularly contains letters about smoking on platforms, the bad news gets worse. I can report that this habit has now spread to substantially enclosed warm waiting rooms. ---- Bad news for travellers, ASH, Smokefree and Railway Law enforcers.

The report that Wandsworth Council officers are essentially under instructions not to catch anyone breaking the smoking ban. Bad news for Smokers, ASH, Smokefree and anti smoking enforcers.

Bad News, ---- Bad news -------- What bad news?.

Oh and I forgot to tell you about the 2 Bus Drivers enjoying a cigarette inside their single decker vehicles. ---- Check back for more bad news soon, it can only get worse.


handymanphil said...

Oh the misery, mthe unabated misery-BRING IT ON BABY!

TheBigYin said...

This is indeed very bad news. What we need is some kind of vigilante who could gather a few of his anti smoking chums and go mob handed into the streets with camcorders to catch these law breaking landlords or smokers smoking in a well covered pigsty and they can take the evidence to the police for a speedy, fast tracked conviction. Oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

By Angel Gabriel :-

A lifelong Anti-Smoking Zealot (ASZ) dies, (not of a smoking related disease) and arrives outside the Pearly Gates.

While waiting on judgement from God as to his final destination he notices people SMOKING inside Heaven.

He says to God " I won't accept smoking in Heaven, is their nothing you can do about it".

YES God says lighting up a cigarette, GO TO HELL, you can't make people's lives any more miserable down there than you did on Earth.

JJ said...

I Want The Antis To Push Even Harder!

This really is appalling news; still I’ll light up my nicely filled pipe and enjoy it while I can. But don’t worry I’ll have myself arrested for daring to smoke…while I’m at it I’ll have my pipe arrested as well just for good measure.

Can you imagine though if the antis could persuade television companies to pixilate any smoking on television together with strap lines giving us intrusive information about smoking?

Yesterday I was watching Casablanca (on video), and there’s smoking in almost every scene, what if all smoking scenes were heavily pixilated with strap lines top and bottom showing anti-smoking propaganda…how long would it be before the public got really pissed off with this crap. Perhaps we could have the health secretary regularly popping up giving us various lectures during smoking scenes.

C'mon antis you know you want to do this.

TheBigYin said...

while I’m at it I’ll have my pipe arrested as well just for good measure.

I should bloody well think so JJ, it will be needed for forensics and the DNA from the mouthpeice used in evidence and be held on a database for posterity! Get out of that one.

Can you imagine though if the antis could persuade television companies to pixilate any smoking on television together with strap lines giving us intrusive information about smoking?

Yes I can JJ. A year or so ago I saw an advert on TV for the DVD of Newcastle comedian Bobby Thompson, now deceased, where his cigarette was pixelated out. Can't find that on Youtube but found one of his performances here.

If you have an interpreter on hand that would be helpful. ROFL.

JJ said...


Damn – never thought about the DNA angle!

Good video; classic Bobby Thompson “The dole is my Sheppard I shall not want”, been there a few times.

I didn't need an interpreter...I was in the army in the late sixties with a good Geordie lad from Newcastle. I also grew up at school with Geordies whose fathers came down to work along side my dad in the pits.

Canny as owt!

TheBigYin said...

I was in the army in the late sixties

And so was I, I did my obligitory six years in the Scots Guards, leaving in 74/5.

Did one stint in NI and after seeing one of my mates killed in a bomb explosion (one of five killed) I knew then that the 'killing fields' were not for me. Now these murdering fuckers hold high office and want our sympathy when they espouse great regret at any resurgance of NI sectarian murders enacted by their old affiliations...cunts.

Sorry, the beer is getting the better of my keyboard.

Amusing Bunni said...

I'm happy people are ignoring these bans.
Out here, you can't smoke indoors at all, or anywhere in bars. (Chicago). The cops would come and arrest you.

Big Yin, I'm glad you got out of the Army. That must have been awful to see your friend killed.
I'm sick of the fake wars and all the good young mens' lives wasted for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Safer Communities Directorate
Fire and Rescue Services Division
Steven Torrie QFSM, Head of Fire and Rescue Advisory Unit
T: 0131-244 2342 F: 0131-244 2564
Chief Fire Officers (Scotland)

28 July 2011
Dear Chief Officer
Dear Chief Officer (Scotland) Letter 15/2010 - Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarettes Update, provided an update on the new Standard and Test Method for RIP cigarettes. I am now in a position to provide you with a further update on the good progress which has been made on this issue.
CEN (the EU standards making body) published the Safety Standard and Test Method on 17 November 2010, with Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) Referencing planned for 12 months from that date. This period is to allow manufacturers sufficient time to change the necessary manufacturing process to meet the new standard. The EU has said that the Standard will be referred to the OJEU on 17 November 2011. In parallel, the British Standards Institution (BSI) published the equivalent BS EN 16156 (Cigarettes Assessment of the ignition propensity) on 31 December 2010.
Current Update
Following the publication of both the CEN and BSI standard, policy colleagues in the UK Government and Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser in England (CFRA) have continued dialogue with the main UK tobacco manufacturers to ensure they have in hand plans to comply with the Standard. These meetings have been very positive and the manufacturers are on track to deliver compliance for all cigarette products at point of manufacture in advance of the publication of the Reference Standard on 17 November 2011.
The tobacco industry have advised that although every effort would be made to ensure there is ‘sell through’ of product lines before the Reference Standard takes effect, it may not be possible to guarantee all retailers stock would be compliant by the Reference date. The industry is working with their sales teams to inform retailers of the incoming standard, and the importance of ensuring that as much non-compliant stock is sold through by 17 November 2011.
The industry expects to have achieved a complete sell through of non-compliant products by the end of summer 2012.
My colleagues in CFRA are working closely with the General Product Safety and Better Regulation teams at the department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) to understand how the new Reference Standard will be implemented. BIS’s standard practice is to communicate the existence of new standards through the Trading Standards Interlink to Local Authority Trading Standards departments on the date they take effect. This will confirm the UK Government’s expectation that all cigarettes sold in the UK and EU will comply with the new safety standard.
As is normal with Reference Standards, this will be a light touch. BIS will not instruct nor expect Trading Standards to enforce the standard. It will be a matter for local Trading Standards to determine their role in any monitoring and enforcement activity.
I would ask that you note the further good progress on this important issue and I will keep you informed of any future developments.
Yours sincerely
Head of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Advisory Unit
St Andrew’s House, Regent Road, Edinburgh EH1 3DG

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