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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Shoot a smoker today

Some Thursday morning fun for the anti-smokers amongst us. You don't have to just imagine killing smokers anymore ... now you can have virtual fun doing so, instead.

Remember to aim at the head. It's the only way to achieve the satisfying spatter of smoker blood.



Anonymous said...

They would not get away with it if it were an ethnic minority or any other for that matter.
State sanctioned terror against smokers.
Nothing less.

TheBigYin said...

I'm a dead man walking, if anti smokers are to be believed. This is pure bile, it makes me sick and turns anti smokers into sicko's, if they are not sicko's already!

Baz said...

In the interests of fairness..

It's not just smokers.. gays, terrorists, mexicans, women, children, africans.. I'm sure I could find a game where any group would be a target.

TheBigYin said...

And Vegans Baz? Where does it stop? I've3 been watching a chanal five program where a family of fatties are going on telly to lose some weight because they have been vilified and have had hatred heeped upon them, verbally and physically, because the are obese, proper obese, not just a but fat. Where does this stop, should they be stoned to death because they won't conform???

This media hatred, which forms political mantras, must stop, now!

TheBigYin said...

Sorry about the typos, just flaming mad is all. People like you always find a way of legitimisation for this kind of thing, no wonder we call you all Nazis!

Baz said...

Think you gave yourself the answer there TBY; Channel 5...

There is always going to be an outlet for this dross, and there is always going to be someone who will milk it for all it's worth. You are as guilty as those calling that family fat, because you are consuming it yourself. You are keeping the circle going by keeping the ratings high. The producers think that people like watching that kind of rubbish, so commission more shows like it.

You've got to ask yourself, who's benefitting?

The TV company have you, anyone who's fat, anyone with a health complaint, anyone who's worried about being fat, watching.. so when the ad breaks come up.. what is advertised? fast food, snacks, diet remedies, exercise fitness programs, equipment.. etc etc.. They sell these products and keeping it all going round and round.. keeping you in your cage watching it..

You call people like me a Nazi's? Try looking to the media, try looking to the advertisers, try looking to the folks exposing their story who are getting paid a pretty penny to be on the show, try looking to yourself for keeping the ratings of shows like that high.

I don't even own a TV.

BTW... Vegans have been linked with child abuse, like smokers, with an unhealthy lifestyle, like smokers, with being control freaks, like smokers, with forcing everyone to be like them, like smokers, with being hippies, like smokers..

Don't worry about typo's .. I make them all the time..

naturalnoble said...

That game was really funny. It said it was making fun of the fact that targets always seem to smoke in sniper games, and sniper games in general. This makes sense because the satire is quite funny. You guys are wound too tight. Have a fag or something.

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