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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Anti smoking scientists go through the motions…

…quite literally!

An asides from my main context but relevant non the less!

Apparently a cohort study by eminent scientists, who shall not be named…oh, go on then…

Joe M Braun (
Julie L Daniels (
Charlie Poole (
Andrew F Olshan (
Richard Hornung (
John T Bernert (
Yang Xia (
Cynthia Bearer (
Dana Boyd Barr (
Bruce P Lanphear (

…was peer reviewed. Ah well, where there’s muck (in this case, baby shit) there’s money!
Peer review is a generic term that is used to describe a process of self-regulation by a profession or a process of evaluation involving qualified individuals with the related field. Peer review methods are employed to maintain standards, improve performance, and provide credibility.

Self-regulation says it all really.
This peer-reviewed article was published immediately upon acceptance.
I’ll bet it was, why wait that long? These, err, ‘scientists’ collected Meconium (what! You’ve never heard of it?) and one assumes that they smelt, prodded and tasted it before putting it through the vast array of  CSI type of gadgets to discover that the wayward mum had been within one hundred feet of a smoker and his/her deadly SHS.

And, as a person who just checked his lottery numbers may say….RE…….SULT!  But mad scientists wouldn’t go that far, would they?
Results: We detected nicotine (80%), cotinine (69%), and trans-3’-hydroxycotinine (57%) in
most meconium samples. Meconium tobacco smoke metabolite concentrations were positively
associated with serum cotinine concentrations and increased with the number of serum cotinine
measurements consistent with secondhand or active tobacco smoke exposure. Like serum
cotinine, meconium tobacco smoke metabolites were inversely associated with birth weight.
Conclusions: Meconium is a useful biological matrix for measuring prenatal tobacco smoke
exposure and could be used in epidemiological studies that enroll women and infants at birth.
Meconium holds promise as a biological matrix for measuring the intensity and duration of
environmental toxicant exposure and future studies should validate the utility of meconium using
other environmental toxicants.
Well that’s clear then, to us ‘sink estate’ plebs who KNOW that you have written the biggest piece of [non solid] baby faeces since you upgraded Second Hand Smoke, and Third Hand Smoke from a mere annoyance to a class A carcinogen. If you want to know more about SHS and third hand smoke then you can do no worse than visit  Christopher snowden, Rich White and Michael Siegel’s blogs. (Siegel is all against smoking and SHS but he knows junk science when he sees it!)

And I haven’t even mentioned Michael J. McFadden’s website entitled “Anti Smokers Brains yet! The truth is out there folks, go look for it, because it won’t come to you!

Here’s the PDF file about this ‘scientific’ study, shock and awe it is not, the smell of money it is. (Smell, get it?)

Click to launch the full edition in a new window
Self Publishing with YUDU

Ok, I’ve never had kids, and by all accounts (anti smoking accounts that is) I never will, but that won’t stop me from trying, (if a fertile) lady young enough wants to bed an ancient and proud smoker.

27impotence The anti smokers daren’t give a brand name in case it may ‘advertise.’

But I digress.

I now wish to show you some ‘homemade’ kiddy porn, so if you are of a paedophilic** bent look away now!*
nappy3Hmm, what’s that stain?

nappy Oh chit, I fear the worse! What are they doing to that baby?
nappy2 Gather ye merry scientists because the baby has just done a shit!

*Pictures unashamedly stolen from this site.

**Move along, nothing to see here…unless seeing a baby having a shit gives you a hardon, you depraved cunt!

Tip  of the soiled nappy (Diaper to our American cousins) to Dick Puddlecote and anon on his comments section (for part of the headline above.)

(What, Dick Puddlecote has three kids, is he insane I ask myself? How does a smoking, drinking, cricket loving, darts buff do that??)

I’ll have some of what he’s having…Please! I mean, he must have his toe well over the Oche, surely?


rb said...

It is of great amusement to me that in order to write a load of utter shite these cretins actually had to dig through a load of actual shite - we don't get much amusement from these idiots, but this has made my day!!

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention warm ,wet,
loose,runny stools,they can come in
very usefull in cosy little bars frequented by the self righteous,
especially in the brunch munching
area.Spread evenly for optimum
effect.Pup poo on thick soles
slowly slid along foot bars can
also give a ponce inn an added

Zealot's Nemesis

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should send some of our own 'samples' to ASH U.K. ?

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