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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Scotland the brave.

You may recall that I wrote about the fat cat tobacco controllers that were attending a seminar in Glasgow (as of the 11th of June there were 594 attendees committed to this junket), which was mostly funded by your money? Well Freedom2Choose (Scotland) was on hand to let the public know that pissing their (the taxpayer's) hard earned tax up there quango is no longer an option! You listening Vince?
15 June 2319 Superhero Eddie Dowthwaite, Chair of Freedom2Choose (Scotland.) And who is that lady in red who’s thinking “oh ****, I don’t wanna be saved”? It’s none other than ASH Scotland supremo Sheila Duffy.

15 June 2327
Eddie getting in touch with his Ned Kelly side.
15 June 2010 021 The three amigo’s, Myra, Belinda Cunnison (Treasurer, Freedom2Choose UK) and her other half, Michael Davidson.
The last picture I have to show you gives an indication as to what you may expect at a town centre near you.
15 June 2320 Ned Kelly Eddie, confronts the CO police.
The blackshirts in the picture above are delegates from the lapdogs to Tobacco Control who can always smell the money. They surround Eddie and push him to take a CO test with this:
smokerlyzer_tab TheSmokerlyzer
Here’s their splurge:
Helping People To Stop Smoking with a Smokerlyzer® CO Monitor
A simple breath test with a Smokerlyzer® CO monitor will measure the levels of toxic carbon monoxide (CO) inhaled from tobacco smoke. CO in itself is harmful, as it reduces the amount of oxygen taken up by the body, but it can also act as an indicator as to the possible level of some 4,000 toxic substances in cigarette smoke, 60 of which cause cancer.
The Smokerlyzer® range of carbon monoxide (CO) monitors and testers is used during smoking cessation programmes to give the smoker visible proof of the damaging CO levels and to help motivate by charting the progress during the programme. All the instruments are surgically non-invasive, lightweight, battery powered, simple to operate and use hygienic inexpensive disposable mouthpieces.
The Smokerlyzer® CO monitor range is clinically proven and has become the benchmark used throughout the world by health professionals working in smoking cessation programmes and research.
Smokerlyzer? I kid you not, and for a mere £224.99 every household should have one. Soon they will be as omnipresent as the humble thermometer?
I can tell you readers are not convinced so the makers of the Smokerlyzer have kindly made a video to convince you:

Not convinced? Oh I give up. (I wish they would.)


Angry Exile said...

"Smokerlyzer? I kid you not, and for a mere £224.99 every household should have one. Soon they will be as omnipresent as the humble thermometer?"

The only thermometer we have is in the kitchen and is for cooking meat. I suppose the fuckers will ban that too eventually. Martin Niemöller had it so right.

TheBigYin said...

I really was thinking of 'medical' thermometers but when I wrote the peice I was under the 'fluence' of my Sunday lunchtime pint...or three and couldn't think of the right word.

Thermometers used to use Mercury but Mercury thermometers are now banned, elf and saftey you know.

Anyway, they are all digital now so who's bothered.

Eddie D said...

Thanks for the blog TBY it was a great day all round and it proved that quality always wins over quantity. Our small band were up against 594 rabid anti-smokers.

It made my day when I gave Duncan Bannatyne ( The Dragons Den )and a total anti-smoker a Freedom To Choose leaflet as he was getting into his taxi.
If looks could kill I'd already be in hell enjoying a ciggie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for your efforts, it's nice to know that somebody is making them use a brain cell or two.

I love the picture of Eddie with Sheila Duffy, that's class.

Anonymous said...

This post needs to be forwarded to The Taxpayer's Alliance and to George Oscborne. Okay, if they need to cut libraries and university funding etc, then so be it. But these people must be FIRST under the axe. 594 of them!!! 594!!! And not one on under 60k a year, I bet - most on probably a lot more....

Eddie D said...

The Taxpayers Alliance are fully aware of this waste of taxpayers money as they were sent a " NedKellygram " with all the details.

It's up to them now.

TheBigYin said...

Well done Eddie, everyone should know about this farce taking place every year at taxpayers expense.

Glad to see you are taking the 'Ned Kelly' joke as just that. Ned bucked the system and had no qualms about fighting his the death.

Eddie D said...

Nice comments TBY.

Ned Kelly needed to have steel plate to defend himself, SMOKERMAN is defended by the TRUTH alone and needs nothing more.

Even " Craptonite " is not a threat to SMOKERMAN as the Anti-Smoking lobby have already used up every molecule in the Universe.

Anonymous said...

Does this machine measure the toxic fumes from exhausts, or just the humble cigarette ?

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