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Monday, 28 June 2010


Cos we're watching you!

POLICE have enlisted an unusual new tool in their fight against crime – an articulated lorry.

Just sayin'.


Chuckles said...

No it's not, if it was articulated, it would bend in the middle. Might be a tractor or a mechanical horse though.

TheBigYin said...

Listen Chuckles, if the police say it's an articul..

Listen Chuckles, if the MSM say it's an articulated lorry then it is, they research these thin...Oh.

The polis don't like it when they can't spy into our everday lives...and if a lorry driver is caught smoking then...they'll throw the book [updated every day] at him.

Anonymous said...

Two things: Will the unmarked version have a fifth wheel, and if it does will the officer driving have an C+E license (The old class 1)

I do hope they've forgotten that ;)

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