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Thursday, 24 June 2010

A crushing blow…

…to car drivers who like a drink with their meal.



Drink drivers 'to have cars seized and crushed for first offence'

NEARLY 40 vehicles have been crushed as part of a crackdown on persistent drink-drivers.

Quite right too, these persistent drunken drivers should be kept of the road…permanently!

Officers believe the "outstanding success" of the six-month-old scheme could see it extended to first-time drink-drive offenders caught several times over the limit or who refuse to provide a breath test or drive while banned.

Several times eh, will these people never learn? Oh…

Under the pioneering Scottish crackdown, prosecutors can seek the destruction of the vehicle of anyone caught twice for drink-driving.

Christ I must be dumb, had to look up the difference between “several” and “twice.” Anyway, it’ll only be the drinking, smoking lardasses from the sink estates that will get their bangers crushed and off the road for good eh…

The 39 vehicles seized so far include a £20,000 Audi TT by Grampian Police and a Land Rover Freelander in Edinburgh.

But but but…surely it’s all about safety and saving lives, isn’t it?

The more valuable ones are sold while the rest are crushed.


Well I never saw that coming, did I? But it’ll all stop there as their ‘targets’ are achieved, won’t it?

More seizures are expected to follow among the 210 drivers who have been caught drink-driving since December, when the scheme started.

Backdating offences to hammer you eh, now where did I hear some whinging MP’s moaning on about this when it related to their expenses?

I don’t drive these days so why should I worry about people who drive and imbibe the occasional pint or two? After all, they wouldn’t do this to driving smokers, now would they?

It was yesterday extended to drug-driving offenders ahead of the annual two-week summer drink/drug driving campaign, which starts on 5 July.

Ah, those campaigners, always prodnosing thinking of us mere mortals. After all, we smokers are not drug addicts like say heroin addicts, are we? Oh F…

Nicotine: Harder to kick than…Heroin.

The Smokerlyzer, coming to a car near you.



Smoking Hot said...

l note that "Exceptions to forfeiture are made in cases such as when other family members use the vehicle." and no doubt if the offender doesn't own the vehicle.

Given that, the persistent offender will just take steps to make sure he has the get out clauses in place.

Anonymous said...

Soon it will drink two pints and have your car crushed.

banned said...

Quite so Smoking Hat, what do they propose to do with the large number of drivers who do not own the vehicle that they are driving?

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