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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Lets do it for the chiiildren of Wisconsin!

Your my hero Governor Doyle, you really are.


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Big Yin! Wisconsin isn't all that far from me in Illinois.

Thanks for your wonderful, insightful c omment for Independence day over my way. Much Appreciated. It's nice you all celebrate out your way too. The way things are going lately, you're probably glad you're rid of us 234 years now. God Bless, England & USA.

TheBigYin said...

Moir, insightful? Yes, we here, in London at least, outside the American Embassy, celebrate independence day, which is a show, a show of the 'special relationship' in front of an audience. But when it's over we'll have a dig because you brought doughnuts to our waistline...well jelly doughnuts anyway. lolol.

Be proud, be American and one of these days we'll be proud to be British/English.

Have a good afternoon and let your hair down for tomorrow obummer will still be there. (Right, I need to go to bed and sober up!)

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