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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Them and us

Hell hath no fury like the righteous scorned!

As we are all to aware these days there are groups out there that want to take your freedoms away because they quite simply don't like you having that freedom. That freedom may be a simple one, like having a pint of beer, a glass of whiskey or even a burger-you'll need a strong stomach to watch this anti MacDonalds vid-, fish & chips with salt & fact anything you enjoy occassionally is deemed wrong to one group or another. And of course the odd tobacco product of your choosing is, as you already know, verboten, even to your naked eye. In fact the righteous will bend over backwards to denormalise you because of your lifestyle choice, no matter how innocuous your choices are.

Are you getting the picture yet? No? You still need convincing that they, the righteous groups that have the ear of your their government via quangos and so called fake "Charidies" like ASH (spit) et al, partly set up by that government that you pay your taxes to? The likes of Dick Puddlecote may say he, and his hard working staff, are being Bled Almost Dry but that's of little consequence to Tobacco Control and their paymasters, you big, and I mean BIG government. They might as well take a leaf out of Sir Bob's book and demand "give us your f****** money!" Right? I mean I'll they will look after it, all for your own wellbeing,  of course, right! Hmmmm.

The vultures are gathering:


(My emphasis throughout)

The UK National Smoking Cessation Force Conference attracts world-class junk scientists speakers presenting the very latest in junk science clinical, research [talked to some numbties on the phone] and policy developments [we hate smokers and smoking and we will present this as a 'development'.]

This year, the UKNSCC [United Kingdom No Smoking Cessation in Congress] will reflect the latest developments in good practice for smoking cessation in special populations, [that means you and I, whereever you may reside] new indications for NRT, medication force compliance, marketing and supporting tobacco control  [it was NEVER about health] activity, and the impact of illicit tobacco.

The UKNSCC agenda is driven by [our hatred of tobacco, the users of tobacco and anyone that suports the usage of tobacco.] the involvement of the field and will contain presentations from practitioners that focus on the policy and practice of forcing helping smokers to stop.

We hope that you will be able to join us in our hatred of all tobacco products and their  drug depandant users and to contribute to this not so unique event.

Just look at the delegates attending this junket:

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Nice, can I cum come?

No?  Is it because I'm not a Stakeholder? Guess my invite was lost in the post. Anyway I couldn't afford the Full conference fee of £375 per delegate. What, you can't affort that fee either? No worries, your respective departments will pay it for you out of government coffers and the taxpayer's Dick Puddlecote's wallet and the wallets of the people he employs. Thats the likes of me and you folks, the much maligned taxpayer and it is TIME to say NO.

Into the breech my friends:

If you want to demonstrate peacfully your dissaproval at their wasting of your money then come and join us on the 14th & 15th of June 2010. A lawful demonstration is being organised by Freedom2Choose (Scotland.) You can email me at if you want to participate.

Don't forget that address and those dates:


There are THEM and there are US. And we WILL have our say!


DaveA said...

This is a written piece, well done.

TheBigYin said...

Thanks Dave but I could do better. Someone is not sure according to the star ratings at the bottom of the piece.

Frank Davis said...

I examined the list of delegates closely. I reckon there are over 350 of them. Some 70%+ come from local government, NHS, DoH, or universities (i.e. all taxpayer funded). And that doesn't include several representatives of ASH.

In addition at least 75% of them are women. And Deborah Arnott and Amanda Sandford and another name aren't even listed.

If all the government funding is completely slashed, there's probably be no more than 30 people at the next bash they have.

Belinda said...

to date 479 delegates, Frank. Just think: registration, travel and I suppose they can claim their accommodation costs for at least two nights each.

Anonymous said...

Nicely written, Big Yin.

John Redwood might be very interested in this junket, and the scrapping of funding to ASH. He's keen to get rid of all unelected government bodies and ASH might well be one of them.

TheBigYin said...

Nicely written, Big Yin.

Thanks Fausty for your kind words but it would take a herculean effort on my part to come up to your blogging standards.

John Redwood, I'm sure, will be one of F2C's targets about the great, and much vaunted, repeal act touted by the all singing, all dancing, coalition and their advertisers (you know which newspapers I mean.)

I noticed, in a previous post of yours, that you had a commentator that had a little pop at you about the repeal ban. You came back with a measured response, as I new you would as you, like most of us, judge governments by what they do, not what they say, (and politicians as well.)

Although 1,00,000 signatures is a task of herculean proportions it is not surmountable as far as unjust and downright wrong 'NuLabour' laws are concerned, and don't forget there are over 6.000 of them since 1997.

When we are given a chance to give our opinions, you know, us "ordinary voters" then we WILL get those signatures, that's a promise as far as the smoking ban is concerned, but we smokers are not the only aggrieved, I feel for those in our once great country that have had their freedoms, and turned into criminals for what they once done harmlessl and legally, stolen from them by my, now denounced by me, Labour party, the party that I voted for all my adult life.

If it was not for the smoking ban I would have never looked into the other lies they had subjected me to over the years. But that does not mean that I won't scrutinise the coalition. I am full of hope and doubt in equal measure.

Eddie D said...

Frank Davis said:-

"I examined the list of delegates closely. I reckon there are over 350 of them. Some 70%+ come from local government, NHS, DoH, or universities (i.e. all taxpayer funded)."

Don't be fooled by the delegates listing themselves under " Universities ", they are in fact from the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies which is spread out over 5 Universities.

In addition, those who just show their organisation as NSCT are actually from the NHS Smoking Cessation & Training Centre, another spender of taxpayers money.

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