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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

American anti-smokers have seen the Light[s.] And they are not happy.

Those nasty Tobacco Companies are at it again, trying to sell their [legal] product to their consumer base. But the terminally righteous are always there to stop the big, bad [tobacco] product getting to the consumer.  Now it’s the colour of the packaging that has got them fainting with apoplexy:
With the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act due to take effect June 22, tobacco companies are lightening up their packaging colors on “light” or “mild” cigarette brands, USA Today reports. The act prohibits the use of the words “light” or “mild” on cigarette advertising or packaging. 
Damn those tobacco companies. Thank god there are good people out there that want to force coerce help the American public to see the..err…light.
Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and the American Lung Association have accused the tobacco companies of being disingenuous for using lighter colors to convey the “light” or “mild” brands. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued guidance that found many smokers think cigarettes called “light” or “mild” have fewer health risks.
Who would have thought that simple colour changes could cause such indignity?
The color changes are “a transparent attempt by the tobacco industry to evade the law and mislead consumers,” said Waxman.
The tobacco industry is masterful in its knowledge of consumer behavior and marketing,” added Paul Billings, vice president for national policy for lung association.
Well I would hope so Paul, a lot of tobacco company workers and shareholders stake their pensions on it.

And for once R.J. Reynolds are not being cowed:
R.J. Reynolds countered that the “smoking experience” is what smokers enjoy about “light” cigarettes. Coloring the packaging on those brands will alert smokers that the taste they enjoy is still available, said David Howard of R.J. Reynolds, which makes the Salem brand.
Salem cigarette packages had been the same green shade but now “lights” are housed in a lighter green and white, while “ultra lights” come in a pale gray and white. “The bottom line is there is no safe cigarette…and that is certainly well-known among adult cigarette consumers,” said Howard.
Hmm, just when I was warming to you Howard.

The FDA just had to have the last word:
FDA spokeswoman Kathleen Quinn said the ban encompasses “mild,” “light” and “low” but that the agency would look into any probably violations on a case-by-case basis.
What violations? They have, because of the impending law, taken the words “light” and “low tar” from their packaging but are not going against the law by still producing the light and low tar brands, they must have some way of conveying to the consumer what they are buying, surely?

My apologies to the inimitable JuliaM for my crude attempt at aping her style or writing. After all, there is only one Ambush Predator.


Anonymous said...

Is this a rerun of the Salem witch hunts?

Awful pun? Maybe but I would be intrigued to know how exactly the law has been broken when the packaging does not mention light or low tar?

Perhaps its the predominantly White colour they object to!

banned said...

Didn't they ban the use of "lite/mild" cigs in Britain some years ago? Result being that those attempting to somewhat reduce their consumption now find it difficult to identify a less nicotiney brand.

TheBigYin said...

I believe this is so Banned. I can remember, a few years ago now, my Mrs smoked' lights' and I got really annoyed at these bastards going on about them giving the wrong impression to smokers as it implied they were 'healthier.' Balls to that, you just smoked less. I did believe at the time that 'lights' had small pinholes on the side so you inhaled more air with the smoke. Whether that is true or not I do not know but I would never touch the buggers as I like to taste what I am smoking.

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