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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hoorah-Bulgarian Logic

I have nothing but admiration for Bulgaria!
Not that I have ever visited their country, or am ever likely to but they have upset the 'mighty WHO' with their decision NOT to impose a total indoor ban as our lapdog, ex labour government did.
The World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director for Europe, Zsuzsanna Jakab, has slammed the Bulgaria government’s decision to delay the full smoking ban in public places.
Well diddley-boo to the WHO!
Perhaps the Bulgarian ministers have seen the carnage caused in this country by our smoking ban. Perhaps they don't have limitless pot to waste on cessation programmes that don't work. Perhaps, even, they value the contribution smokers make to their economy!
Smoking will now be allowed in separate smoking spaces inside restaurants, bars, coffee shops, railroad stations, airports, ports, and bus stations.
Take note Messrs Cameron & Clegg for this is what true liberalism is. This is where freedom of choice has been applied! Sod the WHO and their petulent tantrums, they don't care about any countries financial status (or lack of it) they are simply hell bent on ridding the world of a legal substance and an immense revenue earner for all governments.
The WHO are also 'brassic', skint, potless. Such is their fervour in ridding the world of tobacco they are desperate for funding-hence the ludicrous proposal of an internet tax. They will never rid the world of this perfectly legal pastime and pleasure, no matter how many idiotic governments bend to their will. The only sad part of the WHO's intrusion into our lives is just how brainwashed many governments have proven to be! If more governments followed Bulgaria's lead (including our own) then there would not be so many angry & militant smokers about. If freedom of choice had ruled the day the smoking ban in this country probably would have been a success in stead of the complete and utter disaster it has proved to be.
Bulgaria 1 v England 0 (Scorer: Bulgarian minister/s)

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Anonymous said...

Bulgaria 1 v England 0 (Scorer: Bulgarian minister/s)
The scorer is debatable, as it could have been an England own goal.

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