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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Love’s Labours Lost

Deceased. Thanks Tony, you really stitched us up!
Let fame, that all hunt after in their lives,
Live register'd upon our brazen tombs
And then grace us in the disgrace of death;
When, spite of cormorant devouring Time,
The endeavor of this present breath may buy
That honour which shall bate his scythe's keen edge
And make us heirs of all eternity.
No, I haven’t a clue what Mr. William Shakespeare meant ether, but it fits into this tale of woe, in my mind, at least.

It would appear that Champaign socialists, (a much used phrase to to fight the socialist Labour MP’s here in the UK) is not far of the mark. It was also a phrase that I, as a committed socialist, baulked at…until the 2006 health act came in that seen me as an antisocial leper. It was then I started to look into my beliefs about socialism and what it meant.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a socialist attitudes, I want compassion when it comes to the less fortunate than myself. But there are limits, even to non taxpayers like myself, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…or so I’m led to believe!
But my ex beloved Labour party decided I was not fit to lick their boots, they decided to bring in a smoking ban to stigmatize me as worse than a leper, the very people they purport not to stigmatize!

Tony Blair has made millions out of being a socialist so what does he do with his millions?
Does he bail out a failing club, not just any old working men’s club, but a labour club (where he engineered his 1997 election coup), or does he fall back on spin doctorish crap? Sorry, daft question.
The birthplace of Tony Blair’s New Labour is to shut – after being forced out of business by the economic crash and the former Prime Minister’s own smoking ban.
“Last night a spokesman for Mr Blair declined to be drawn on whether he would dip into his estimated £15 million fortune to save his old haunt, although his former agent said the ex-PM had ‘been in touch’ about the club’s problem.”
15 mil? Yeah right! This is just the start of his fortune.

Lectures see Tony Blair earnings jump over £12m

Tony Blair’s earnings since leaving Downing Street are calculated to have topped £12 million, more than six times his previous lifetime income.
The former Prime Minister, who tours the world speaking to audiences including investment banks, private equity firms and chambers of commerce, is now said to be the highest-paid speaker in the world. Since launching himself on the speaking circuit last October, Mr Blair is understood to have earned more from speeches than Bill Clinton, the former US President, did in his first year after leaving the White House.
As the stock market has plummeted and the housing market has slumped, the man who as Prime Minister championed the “light-touch” system of financial regulation blamed by some for the current crisis is enjoying an unprecedented boom of his own.
Tony Blair part2
Trimdon Labour Club, where Mr Blair announced his decision to stand for party leader in 1994 and his resignation as PM in 2007, will close at the end of next month due to a lack of customers.
But Trimdon Labour Club goes down fighting?
The move – symbolic of the shift in the political landscape following David Cameron’s move into Downing Street – was described by club secretary Paul Trippett last night as ‘desperately sad’. He blamed a combination of the smoking ban in pubs, which Mr Blair pushed through in one of his last acts as Prime Minister, an increase in the number of people watching live sport at home and booming sales of cut-price supermarket alcohol.
Nope, Paul, you refuse to see the elephant, but go all squeamish when you see the mouse. I’ve drunk cut price alcohol for years and still went to my local boozer, without causing any drunken trouble, and had a thoroughly good time, went home happy and…well, that’s my business!
Chancellor George Osborne’s VAT rise in last week’s Budget appears to have dealt the final blow.
Oh FFS, the final nail was put into the pub coffin on the 1st of July 2007. But still, if you want to suck Blair’s cock then feel free, but think of your staff and customers eh.
Oh, another Shakespeare line just came to me: Et tu brutus

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