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Thursday, 10 June 2010

British Pub Week & Music

Our friends at Justice for Licensees have done us proud yet again folks!

Inez Ward, founder of British Pub Week ( Saturday 30 October to Saturday 6 November)

Inez Ward has worked tirelessly to get the Great British pub back on track-her aim (apart from the obvious) is unity. That's why she founded British Pub Week-to give all sections of the industry together to solve the terrible problems caused by the now ex-Labour dictatorship that has been the cause of bankruptcy, beatings, homelessness, rape (yes rape) and even murder.

The news for all freedom of choice supporters is that a presentation pack has been put together which includes a slide show. This slide show is going out to all sections of the industry, in other words, thousands of new pairs of eyes. "Oh?" you might say with perhaps a raised eyebrow. "Bloody hellfire!" is what you will say when I tell you that freedom2choose are present on every slide show!

Since the 'Pub Summit' in Paignton, where the truth of the matter was well and truly put on the table, Inez has taken f2c's role very seriously-which is why we are now aligned in this fight to return the British Pub to it's former greatness.

Inez, whom I have the greatest respect for, does things in her own time, she will be hurried by no man/woman when on a mission. That's why I have sat back and patiently waited for HER to decide when f2c enter the arena. I know some want immediate actions but this war is a good game played slow, as they say-and nobody does it better than Inez.

Further to Inez introducing f2c into the arena it is with great pleasure that I can now announce that Bob James has now recorded his song "What can we do now (save the pub)".

Now Bob James, who used to live in England, knows the pub scene extremely well and is disgusted at what is going on over here thus has decided to pitch in with a song dedicated to raising valuable funds for all opponents of what is causing the demise of the Great British pub. The aim is to get this record to No1 therefore we need everyone to buy a copy, we need everyone to spread the word far and wide-we need sales. Bob has generously donated all proceeds from sales to the cause; it's up to us to make this work!

Listen to a taster of the song: What can we do now (save the pub)

Link to MA and link to a snippet from the song.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a rotten song.

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