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Saturday, 5 June 2010

And we [smokers] know to our cost Anna

The inimitable Anna Raccoon hits the nail on the head:

But even these two examples are quite tame compared to the one that truly does get my goat: “third-sector” lobbying. In the old days, this would have been called “charity”. You know, you took your old clothes to Oxfam, and a team of volunteers would sort and sell your clothes and the profits would go to helping needy people abroad. At some point, that all got badly corrupted. “Charities” have now become “the third sector” of the economy, much like quangos but with the appearance of being totally independent of the government. However, most of their income is actually derived from the state, either directly or via other “third-sector” sources.
Ultimately, when Don Shenker, Deborah Arnott or some other killjoy appears on TV or in the national press telling you how you have to live your life and advising the government to “do something”, they have taken your own money from you to do so. At least when BP lobbies for piffling fines for any oil spill that may occur (say), they are doing so with their own money. Third sector “charities” take your money, spend it promoting their beliefs and values and just to put the cherry on top, are exempt from paying tax as well.
Well said that woman.

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