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Thursday, 10 June 2010

I thought I'd heard it all

Second hand smoke can make you crazy?

A new British study shows a remarkable correlation between exposure to secondhand smoke and an increase in psychological problems.

Bugger, not another bloody study! If it's anything like Dr Anna Gilmore's tosh then I don't want to know? Her study was roundly trounced by both Chris Snowden and Dr Siegel?  I've had enough of Junk Science to last me a lifetime.
Cigarette smokers have been shown to have more psychological problems than nonsmokers do, and new evidence suggests that nonsmokers who inhale high levels of secondhand smoke may experience nearly as much psychological distress as smokers, say epidemiologist Mark Hamer of University College London and his colleagues.
Well yeah, the smoking ban experiment is driving us all nuts. Anyway, how did you arrive at this rediculous conclusion?
Overall, these findings support the view, largely based on animal studies, that nicotine administered in large enough doses can induce sadness and other negative moods, the researchers propose in the August Archives of General Psychiatry.
Hmm, so you put a few lab rats into a confined space, sparked up one ciggy after another then blew (after inhaling, of course, otherwise it wouldn't be Second Hand Smoke, now would it?) SHS into that confined space and watched if the rats had a huge grin on their faces did you?
“Our data are preliminary, but there is a strong possibility that the observed association reflects a causal link,” Hamer says.
Oh ffs, "preliminary" and "strong possibility?" You have nothing concrete, have you? You're blowing smoke rings out of your...
A related study, published in the January Psychosomatic Medicine, found an increased risk for depression symptoms among nonsmokers exposed to modest or greater levels of secondhand smoke. A team led by epidemiologist David J. Lee of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine examined data from a 2005–2006 survey of nearly 3,000 U.S. adults.
 Of course Dr David J. Lee would not have a vested interest in the denormalisation of smokers and smoking? One of his fingers wouldn't be in that icing sugar bowl called Tobacco Control, would it?

Starting in 2000, Dr. Lee became increasingly involved in tobacco control research, serving as co-investigator of the Florida Youth Cohort Study. This study followed a sample of Florida adolescents to monitor changes in tobacco-related attitudes/beliefs and behaviors. Dr. Lee also was involved in the evaluation of the Minnesota tobacco control program, which was recently defunded. The effect of this defunding was detectable within six months. The program’s termination was associated with increases in youth pro-tobacco attitudes and susceptibility to smoking initiation. Dr. Lee is currently principal investigator of a Flight Attendant Medical Institute (FAMRI)-funded grant to study the influence of secondhand smoke on the health of young adults. He also has an additional grant pending to examine worker health effects of occupational exposure to secondhand smoke.
Here is a video where Mark Hamer talks about his theories on second hand smoke and  psychological problems.

Read rest of the story here.


Anonymous said...

That's fucking depressing reading and I don't even smoke.
This fake study is the most idiotic that I have seen to date.
A girlfriend blew smoke on me once and I got an erection.
She was naked at the time.
Proof that 2nd hand smoke causes erections ???

TheBigYin said...

One man's meat Anon...or woman's :¬)

Anonymous said...

So - this tosser gets a grant to find a relationship between depression and SHS does he?
Does it never occur to these anally retentive dick heads that, if one looks hard enough, one can "create" a link between anything.?
I was exposed to SHS and got sunburn.

I was exposed to SHS and before I knew it, my wife was pregnant.

I was exposed to SHS and, within a week I fell off my motorbike on a patch of ice.

I was exposed to SHS and within 20 years, my Grandma died.

I walked past a burning cigarette and before I knew it, I had enough money to buy a brand new BMW.

Tossers, wankers and people who, unless the governments were spending our money as if it were their own, would be forced back into train spotting (and I once watched engine GMR3021 pass in Reading station and, within a week I had a streaming cold).

Bucko said...

If a smoker is depressed, it is for reasons other than cig smoke. If you took his fags of him he would probably be suicidal.

Anonymous said...

These studies are getting beyond ridiculous, and boring to boot.

I suppose smokers will now be blamed for all the nutters that go around committing crimes. And those in hospital with mental problems will be told that if you didn't smoke or go near a smoker you wouldn't be here. I despair, I really do.

Once such study, not about smoking, where it say's that short people die earlier than tall people, but I suppose in time smoking will be blamed.

Scientists/researchers really have hit rock bottom, lost all credibility.

Smoking Hot said...

Maybe l'd understand it if l wasn't crazy. :)

Anonymous said...

"Cigarette smokers have been shown to have more psychological problems than nonsmokers do"
Yeah right, probably because smokers
no longer enjoy a decent social life and nights out at their local. Because of the smoking ban introduced by our last dictatorship eh, government.

TheBigYin said...

exactly what I had in mind when I wrote it Anon @19:27. Since the ban more people have had their social lives curtailed somewhat and have been regressing inward to the point of sanity.

But I think what they are trying to say is that a lot of people with mental health issues smoke but these bastards are turning things upside down and saying that smoking is the CAUSE of their mental health problems. F2C Scotland is challenging this hypothesis and fighting the banning of smoking inside mental health institutions.

Anonymous said...

They are also saying that persons exposed to SHS are more prone to mental illness, as a result of exposure to the SHS.

Therefore, that means that if one is a non-smoker, becomes indoctrinated into the radical anti-smoking fanaticism, then one will begin to show signs of mental illness too - such as proclivity toward hatred, lack of tolerance, obession with never ending smoking bans, bursts of outrage at the sight of someone smoking - all the outward signs of extreme anal-retentive compulsivie/obsessive anti-smoking behaviour, all of which can be summed up as a mental illness.

So they are therefore saying that it is not the anti-smoking hysteria, a mental illness, brought on by bombardment of the population by quango propaganda and fake-studies that is causing the insanity, it is the fact there is smoking in the first place which causes the false-need for such hysteria making that is the cause of the final end result - which is anti-smoking fanaticism, anal-retentive compulsiveness, lunatic intolerance and general insanity that is currently afflicting the majority of society, who has actually been infected by the group standing between the smokers and the tolerant non-smokers - the very same ones who are now casting the blame away from their very selves, who actually initiated and continue this trend.

That's what it says to me. It's not the smokers who are crazy. It's the end result of the anti-smoking campaigns, the affected general public, who has become anti-smoking obsessed to the point of lunacy - and none of it the fault of smokers, who were happy to mind their own business, from the get-go.

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