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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

UKIP gain another couple of purveyors of common sense

UKIP seem to have an in-built gravity when it comes to politicians devoid of illogical and damaging self-indulgent poppycock.

THE United Kingdom Independent Party (Ukip) have gained their first seats in the South Wales Valleys after two Independent councillors pledged their allegiance to the party.

Merthyr Tydfil Councillors Adam Brown and Neil Greer announced they were joining Ukip following a heated debate regarding foster carers and smoking.

Merthyr Council last week became the first in Wales to impose a blanket ban on smokers adopting or fostering children.

Both members joined the Independently-led Council in May 2008, but say they have since become “despondent” about the way the council is running things.

They are not alone. It's a malaise amongst the political classes that they are now so comprehensively mired in dogma and righteous diktats that they have become insulated from the realities of life.

Simply by being smokers, foster carers are quite plainly no danger to children by any measurement. Even tedious witches at ASH have, in the past, made this very clear, and that is saying something, ain't it?

Don't hate the smoker

This is not what Action on Smoking and Health is fighting for - we are anti-smoking, yes, but not anti-smoker and in today's climate we think that there is a very real danger that smokers are being marginalised in our society.*

That these councillors are willing to make a stand is laudable enough. That they did so in protection of kids disenfranchised deliberately by idiots encased in the political goldfish bowl is inspiring. That UKIP were their party of choice proves that Farage and his mates are attempting to corner the market in good old-fashioned common sense.**

In the meantime, vulnerable children will continue to suffer child abuse from Merthyr Tydfil council, until such time as they stop mutually-masturbating in their ivory tower, and start treating people as human beings rather than the stuff of self-promoting press releases.

* If you would shut the fuck up occasionally, Deborah Arnott, such pronouncements from you wouldn't be as necessary, of course. See what you have done?

** There is another party to consider in this regard, you can read about them by
clicking here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You can take a job that involves kids and be a kiddy fiddler giving a dodgy name and NI number. Be a rapist or murderer by employing the same tactics to avoid being 'sussed'
But, if smoke is smelled on your breath beware, you are the lowest of the low and filthiest person walking. Certainly not fit for a job involving kids.

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