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Thursday, 16 July 2009


There are now 2.38 milllion people unemployed in the UK, and I am one of the statistics, personally I am pissed off looking for that elusive vacancy with some decent pay.

We all know that job seeking is no fun, so when you see a glut of vacancies for dental hygienists with salaries ranging from £48,720 -- £50,400 you become curious to what they exactly do.

Well what does a dental hygienists lot consist of?.-- It appears that one of the main priorities of a hygieinist apart from raking in the cash is to be a smoking cessation officer. Out of the 80 jobs advertised at Trovit Jobs all vacancies quote smoking cessation in the job description.

Dental hygienists have become another government frontline anti smoking mouthpiece and you are paying through the nose for their unwelcome advice. Further investigation at the British Dental Journal outlines their mission.

  • Dental patients that smoke need access to local services to stop them smoking.

  • A dentist that recognises the patient as a smoker has a duty to inform the patient of the options open to them.

  • And:- Dentist can help stop their patients from smoking by recognising the oral signs of tobacco use, informing patients of these and asking patients whether they wish to stop.

In other words the dentist or the dental hygienist have become the new anti smoking snoops, offering unwanted pressured methods to try to get you to stop smoking at all costs, all paid for by you.

A card arrived today advising an unemployed me that my dental check up is due. I will dutifully attend but look at the £50,000 a year Hygienist through gritted teeth, I am not entitled to free treatment.

There are now 2.38 million unemployed, there are probably more than 2.38 million vacancies in the anti smoking / smoking cessation sector. There seems to be enough vacancies in the anti smoking industry to cure unemployment.

Anyone willing to take the Kings Shilling or in this case £50,000 to become a smokefree mouthpiece?.


Anonymous said...

Not in this lifetime, spend the money on something useful like equipment that is fit for purpose that will help keep the troops overseas safe and bring them home to their loved ones!

Anonymous said...

How long before smokers are refused any NHS dental treatment.

Anonymous said...

Whats a Dentist?

Helen498 said...

Where the hell is the funding coming from? The country is virtually bankrupt and this money could be much better spent.

I pay for my dental treatment; if a dental hygienist started lecturing me, then I'll take my business elsewhere. My choice, my right, my decision. Their loss.

This brainwashed government is hell-bent on this war against its own people.

Roll on the ballot box!


Anonymous said...

The American Cancer Society has lots of job openings, mostly for fundraising.

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