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Thursday, 2 July 2009

€106,840,000 Wasted, The Filter Tip Of The Iceberg By B7

If you have Freeview / digital TV you may have noticed the new EU anti smoking campaign on the minor digital channels.

The Cost of this new TV campaign is not readily available however its likely to cost tens of millions of Euros based on the following examples.

The total without taking any other EU anti smoking projects into account or the latest TV advertising campaign is a staggering, eye watering, mind numbing €106.84 million Euros ( €106,840,000).

The *a*ta*d Uk government and the *u*t* at the EU are wasting multi millions of Pounds and Euros of your money on anti smoking propaganda. Result smoking prevalence is remaining static, how much more of your *uck*ng money are they going to waste?.

Have you missed the chance to scoff at the new Freeview / digital EU anti smoking adverts? you can enter a free completion to win a Freeview DVB-t USB stick and watch them on Freeview on your computer.

Simply register on the forum at freedom2choose go to general discussion, new competition area.

Good luck the competition is free but their anti smoking propaganda is costing you a f*c*in* arm and leg, tell your friends before the EU bans tobacco completely and beware there is more EU anti Smoking ice below the waterline.

1 comment:

BTS said...

Just think of all the duck houses they could have bought with all that money..

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