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Saturday, 25 July 2009


It is now the 21st century, we live in a so called civilised society, Gordon Brown our Prime Minister proudly boasts that he is listening, understands and is getting on with the job.

Has Gordon Brown listened to and understood approx 25% of the population?, namely high taxed law abiding smokers?.

The answer is a clear resounding NO--- the only job that he is interested in is supporting every initiative to bully smokers into submission and wasting millions of pounds in a Government quest.

Only yesterday it was announced that patients at Rampton failed to overturn a smoking ban.

The patients at the hospital have been in a legal battle for 2 years stating that the ban amounts to discrimination and violates human rights.

The poor souls at Rampton do not have the choice of popping outside for a therapeutic calming cigarette they are incarcerated with no choice, and now thanks to the ruling of the three appeal judges the patients are being forced to stop smoking against their will.

It was only 24 months ago that the smoking ban was introduced on the pretext of protecting workers from so called second hand smoke, this piece of legislation is now being used to bludgeon vulnerable people / patients into submission.

There are hundreds of other examples where the week and vulnerable smoker are being targeted in a crusade reminiscent of Medieval England.

Gordon "The Bad Samaritan" Brown should be aware that the smoking ban is based on bad science as described by Times online.

Whether Gordon likes it or not he is Prime Minister, --- he has the power to turn spiteful vindictive anti smoking policy into a fair balanced policy, --- he can offer choice and heal division, --- Gordon can give the OK for an indoor smoking facility at Rampton Hospital, he can ease the patients frustration and agitation, --- The good Samaritan would.

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