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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Inhaling Second Hand Shite

Dead Certainties - Second Hand Shite
Phil Johnson21st July 2009.

We have all now become only too well accustomed to reading, seeing, hearing the constant stream of denigrations of the humble cigarette by the likes of ASH, CRUK and every other self styled healthist lobby group.
We have witnessed the saving of 40,000 lives over the past twelve months (I don't think so - do you?)
We have witnessed tobacco sales falling week after week (I don't think so - do you?)
We have witnessed tobacco shares plummeting (I don't think so - do you?)
We have witnessed the strengthening economy due to this healthist lunacy (I don't think so - do you?)
Finally, we have witnessed the rapid increase in pubs/clubs in the last 2 years thanks to the removal of the dreaded SHS (I don't think so - do you?)
Approximately £48,000,000 thrown at the most hate-ist campaign ever and we are facing economic meltdowm. Eurpoean parliament has bettered that by spending £106,000,000, yet they too cannot prove to have saved one single life!
Amidst this furore of health freakism where smoking is blamed for virtually every form of cancer (and a host of other illnesses) we find that smokers are less prone to "Swine Flu" than the healthists would like - something to do with 'cytokens' apparently!
An email dropped into my inbox which caused this flurry of wordage, the contents of which I will now share with you.
Despite all the warning about smoking causing every disease known to man (sic), this government, to it's eternal shame seem to have ignored the following list of horrendous jobs where the employee is at the mercy of untold toxic damage:-

"Here you are Phil........... Where you can still smoke yourself to death (without a cigarette!)"

1 Case hardening Dept - Where mild steel parts are immersed into red hot vats
of Sodiun Cyanide, heated to red heat then dipped into oil baths giving of dense
clouds of smoke choking even the rats to death in minutes

2 Cast Iron foundry - Red eyed spluttering workers dragging blistering hot castings
from smoke belching sand boxes, the air black with the fumes of various added elements
such as carbon,chrome,tin,zinc and other added improver constituents.

3 Fettling Shop - Veritable Hell on Earth Where human beings grind the excess
iron of cast components showered with sparks and dust and fine chem-sand.
Free milk has to be supplied to wash down the grime.

4 Tricoethylene baths - Degreasing open vats , when oily parts are immersed ,the
fumes can stop you breathing untill you've finished the op

5 Enammeling shop - Where the vapours make your eyes bleed.
Good bonuses to save for the widows

6 Spray booths - Breathing masks needed , you still spit blood

7 Stick and Mig welding bays - The air saturated with a dozen or more different
metals arcing off sparks and fumes that can discolour the toughest masks.

8 Boiler works flange end forming shed - Worse than hell
20 Ft + Dia red hot flanges craned from blistering hot ovens guided by red faced workers
to rotating formers where smoke and spitting steel flakes shroud the whole shed.

9 Internal vessel welding and de-scaling
Lowered inside a boiler to finish of the internal weld seams . arc lights , 140 F,
smoke , sparks and 200 decibels from the pneumatc de-scalers. Sheer murder .

10 Vessel Rivet and dolly ops
One on the outside, one on the inside, tongues ,white hot rivets, ear shattering
pneumatic hammer and the one on the inside gasping for air holding a dolly against
the rib battering rivet pounded by his mate outside.Lung shattering

11 Aluminium Die casting - White hot alloys injected into moulds, the blue hued bauxite
fumes forcing the eyes to close and the throat to dry out

12 Polymer Foam chip compression Machine ( For carpet underlay etc)
Not for the faint hearted ,this Device of Lucifer
Scrap foam chips,resins,glues and dyes manhandled into a press box ,steam injected
and subjected to high prssure to give the consistency required for EASYTREAD etc
The operators scalded ,burned ,deafened and choked in one swift op

13 And now the latest HIGH TECH lung retcher
Computer Aided Machining------ Giant open plan machines
Vapour coolant sprayed onto the metal cutting heads. 24 hours a day operation
giving off a fine penetrating mist which envelopes the factory (and offices)
An earlier coolant version had to be banned because of Dermatitis which damaged the
outer skin surfaces, the later one just cocks your lungs up.

The above list contains only a bakers dozen of these life threatening jobs, I am assured that many more can be listed but all the above are still part of life in non "smoking" works.
People are still expected to slave away in the above circumstances yet the mention of a cigarette brings on fits of apoplexy from certain quarters.
Just how many of the deaths from this industrial toxic environmentare actually caused from this type of environment? One thing for sure folks, the people that enjoyed a cigarette after working in this lot will be simply dismissed:- "smoking killed him".
Those that didn't smoke will be equally condemned:- " His mates all smoked, they killed him".
Should anyone question this anti smoking crusade blurb, the answer will be simplified - yet again!

Unavoidable say the antis........................... can't impede production etc
My thanks to the redoubtable northern warrior known to us as Visigoth for this horrendous list of 'heavy industrial employments' which have been completely ignored by the healthists. Perhaps they ought to spend a year or two performing these tasks so that their respiratory systems can be regularly monitored for damage!
Any takers?


Anonymous said...

2 more to add (I know, I've done them)

Silk Screen Technician -

Solvents that cause serious brain damage are vapourised when hitting a fine nylon mesh, then, for good measure, the coating causes cancer. All tied up with serious dermititus.

Centreless Grinding -

Coolants spraying everywhere, which are organic oils. The tanks they are stored in grow bacteria, including legionaires disease. The micro particals of metal (stainless steel in my case) that escape, enter the lungs and does god knows what damage. The heat vapourises the solvents and filings into a fine mist, great for inhaling.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the car exhaust centre on a
winters day with all the bay doors shut.
6 cars idling while the red eyed fitters check the systems. 5-10 Minutes

6 x 2000cc x 1000 rpm /4 cyls /4 strokes

Not the limp irritating baccy fume
Oh no ..The Big Time Bluey popular with those
for whom lifes just to much of drag and want
to slip out of this mortal coil , quick.

Does one hear an embarrased murmur from the
air conditioned rows of Westminster worriers
And dear blessed ASH,defenders of the nations lungs, what say you, you shining knights of
freshness and wellbeing ,what say you, or
will your silence match that of your new
exhausts as you drive away from the gasping

Manny Monoxide

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