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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Sheeple need saving from themselves!



The headlines shout.

A SHEEP which was stranded on a cliff ledge for a month was shot dead after a rescue attempt was deemed too dangerous, the RSPCA said today.
I just watched on my local news station with incredulity how this sheep was shot by the RSPCA to 'save it from itself!' In the same breath the announcer stated:
While the sheep was stuck half way up a cliff face for a month and looked in good health It had to be shot for it's own good.

Smokers, watch out, someone wants to save you from yourself!

"The sheep was humanely destroyed yesterday evening, as arranged by the owner. The procedure was carried out quickly and cleanly and the sheep would not have suffered.

"This is a very sad situation and we understand the public's concern. We wish to assure people that this difficult decision was taken in the very best interests of the animal involved."

You have been warned.



Anonymous said...

Hope this isn't a run-up to the anti-smoking brigade recruiting snipers to humanely shoot smokers to save them from themselves.

It would have been better if Deborah Arnott & company that was stranded on the ledge and had to be shot to save them from themselves.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Err ... didn't the RSPCA say the other day that it was quite happy and would clamber up on its own accord when it wished?

marley said...

Err, Debs Arnott & Co are stranded on a ledge. Their bullshit and lies will only take them so far and then the money they have stolen from their fake charity will be all they have. I hope it makes them VERY unhappy. One day the papers will report on Ms Arnott and her band of parasites about various reasons for their demise and I think those reports will not be pleasant ones as everyone reaps what they sow.

helend498 said...

Too true Marley - I'm looking forward to hearing their sentences.
Their time living behind their lies is coming to an end.
There is always one certainty - the truth will always come out - no matter how much tax-payer's money they waste at trying to hide it.

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