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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

In who’s name?

Bob Ainsworth 
Lest ye forget.
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This is short, to the point, and contains logic.

Anti-smokers should discontinue reading now. Reading this will cause you to burn with shame, unless you are sub-human.

"£43 million is spent persecuting smokers by the NHS, they create illegal policies banning smokers from where the law says they can smoke, and they generate illegal revenue from fines.

The anti smoking lobby complain about smells, litter, crowded doorways, they wanted this law and this is the result of that law. This law is wrong, it is immoral and in defiance of all concepts of freedom.
Today an RAF C17 delivered 8 Union Flag bedecked caskets to RAF Lyneham, troops who fell in combat defending freedom. 8 families in mourning, Someone’s father, partner, child or sibling; they died defending freedom in a far off land; they died because they believe in freedom.
Some of them may have been those persecuted despised smokers that the anti smoking lobby whine about, they died defending the freedom to whine about smoking, and they died for freedom of lifestyle, not just the Afghans but ours.
They died defending this immoral law despite the fact that some of them may have smoked.
When you condemn smokers think of those overseas defending your way of life, dying in the heat and dust of Afghanistan, think of their families in mourning, If they smoked it was part of their way of life, just as for the non smokers not smoking is theirs. There is a fundamental difference between non smokers and anti smokers, non smokers are tolerant people who respect everyone’s freedom to live their lives, anti smokers have no respect for anyone or anything but themselves and that includes these heroes who returned home today".

John Watson

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Shibby said...

Sorry to post something unrelated but is the translation thing at the top of the page supposed to work or is it an advert?

If it's supposed to work you'll want to change "" to whatever.

TheBigYin said...

Thanks Shibby, I never noticed this. New translator installed now. :)

Gigits said...

I'm with the chaps in the 'Stan all the way.

However, you shouldn't have to die in battle to be considered a 'human being' just because you like a fag.

Fuck the health nazi cunts! Fuck New Labour and any party that plans to continue the ban!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Don't forget that £43m could have bought quite a bit of kit that they are lacking.

See here.

Anonymous said...

John, when it's put like that, it really hits home.

The country's in an economic mess, our soldiers are returning home in coffins due to the lack of adequate kit and resources, and still the anti-smokers are provided with funding on a gold-plate.

Where have the country's morals and common sense gone?

The £43m has been wasted on the anti-smokers, as the majority know - smoking is on the rise as it always will via coersion and bullying, and likewise violence rises- as it has with coersion and bullying.

It's unfortunate that the minority hold the purse-strings and so are able to rig the polls. (They couldn't rig the EU and Local elections though! Our one day of true democracy, then back to the norm.)

I wonder how many of our soldiers would still be here today if this money had been better spent on resources for the military, rather than being spent on social engineering.

Are these soldiers expendable to our government? It's certainly looking like they are. Messing around with millions of pounds on social engineering when we are in the middle of a serious war against terrorism, beggars belief beyond recognition.

Anonymous said...

Helen, this Country has lost it's morals at least from the top people. They can just say sorry and that is ok, we cannot, the stench of that is overpowering.
They think lying is ok for themselves and the "good of the children".
The article talks about the freedoms soldiers fight for inother Countries, while ours are eroding, a very sad state of affairs indeed.

Anonymous said...

There has been so much blatant evidence recently that the majority of Government and its hangers on are in position for their own benefit. We, the people, are simply irrelevant excepting that we provide the funds for their ideologies.
We've been bled dry by taxes under all manner of guises. It takes a special kind of bankrupt government that can demand a 'tax' of 50p per month on our phone bills when they've pissed the rest against the wall of their own extravagance.
Why should we have to create many charities simply to provide essentials such as hospices and air ambulances when Government should be spending our taxes on these rather than their nuLabour dreams (our nightmares).
There are now many millions of nuLab victims within Society - these young people returning to Lyneham have paid the ultimate price for this Government's incompetence.
How many more decent people have to suffer when our politicians and their bureaucratic allies continue impose their will and claim a the right to continue destroying the culture of the electorate's country?

Anonymous said...

This is a beautifully written piece and makes you so sad to think of these young boys dying in a war the majority of the country did not want. Some may have joined the military because they couldn't get jobs. My heart bleeds for them and their families. This government is totally out of touch with the electorate in so many ways and continue to ignore any criticism. Shame on them.

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