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Wednesday, 22 July 2009


The Government and main news media are keen to report that the smoking ban is a huge success, compliance here, compliance there they trumpet and herald.

While they have been concentrating on Pubs / Businesses etc, our motorists are firmly in the fast lane smoking the metaphorical Churchill cigar.

And at the end of the drivers working day there are no dead bodies to dispose of, no casualties to be piled up back at the works depot, no mountains of bodies hidden behind the factory gates, there are no second hand smoke victims.

Where are they hiding the victims of so called second hand smoke?

Stand besides any of our main roads, you will be pleasantly surprised:-

  • White van man and his workforce all crammed in the drivers compartment, all enjoying their cigarettes while cocking a snoop at authority.

  • Council vehicles all proudly emblazoned with the local authorities logo, council operatives all seated in the drivers compartment drawing on their Mayfair Lights.

  • Mondeo man or todays equivalant, no smoking sticker in the window, representatives and their customers snug in the leatherette interior all enjoying a Super King or maybe a Berkeley.

Our motoring population are giving the big thumbs down to the smoking ban and long may it continue.

The Smoking ban is on the road to failure, help it on its way,:--- help consign it to history.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Very true. The difference is that it is nigh impossible to police a ban on a moving vehicle, plus the anti-tobacco freaks don't really care too much about it.

The pubs were their wet dream. Thanks to a bunch of idiotic Labour half-wits, they actually managed to pull off the con-trick they had been planning since 1975.

They'll try to get as much similar nonsense past the current dim-witted administration as possible before the general election.

Pogo said...

No need for them to rush... "Call me Dave" and his "green with a hint of blue" tories will likely be just as fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

so it wasn't just labour then dick.. it was conservative as well! good to know.. I wonder who will vote blue in may?

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