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Thursday, 2 July 2009

The UK Smoking Ban Experiment, two years on.

We here at Freedom2Choose just knew there would be a plethora of 'news' stories from fake charities and their obedient mouthpieces [the media] with some dubious, not to say fraudulent, surveys, polls, unscientific studies extolling the vertues of the hugely popular Smoking Ban Experiment now that it is two years old. And they do not pull their lying punches:

Smoking ban supported by 80% of people

The Shields Gazette proudly boasts.

THE smoking ban is still supported by the majority of people in the region, two years after it was introduced, according to new research.

Oh chit, another bloody whom, I wonder?

In a national YouGov survey, 80 per cent of people in North East England say they support the smoke-free legislation.

If the ban is so universally popular why then do these gobshites have to press the issue?

Oh, a YouGove surv....WAIT A BLOODY MINUTE, I live in the North East of England! Nobody asked me, or anybody I meet on the wild, wild streets of Middlesbrough, the people I meet and talk to, smokers and non smokers alike, have never been approached for their opinion on such a contentious subject, let alone know what the hell YouGov is? Anybody that represents a body with the word Gov in it would see middlesbroughonians scurrying to the nearest hardware store enquiring about the price of rope then looking for the nearest lampost!

But I digress.

The mortality rate in the borough due to smoking-related illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke and lung cancer, is 202 per 100,000.

Yawn... Let me see if ASH (spit) have some truthful insights into the ban two years on?

Two years on from the changes in the smoking law, a national survey shows that banning cigarettes in public places has been a popular move.

Ohhhh FFS! Who told you this pile of horse poo?

The 2009 national YouGov survey of 13,000 people, broken down by region, found that in the North-East:

* 80 per cent of people in the region say they support the smokefree law, with just 15 per cent opposing;

* 90 per cent of people say the law is good for the health of workers;

* 82 per cent of people say the law is good for their own health...

God give me strength, bloody YouGov again! You mean to say, out of the near on one million pounds you receive from taxpayers money you couldn't come up with your own pidgeon poo on your car windscreen type of survey?

I've had enough of this nonsense so I'll eagerly await the next aniversary with baited breath but meanwhile lets see how some smokers, publicans and the public celebrated last years joy at having a killer smoking ban being foisted on us.
On the 29th of June 08 I took my video camera with me to witness a small rebellion in a small part of Yorkshire known as Westgate and the pubs we went into are known locally as part of the Westgate Run.

More from the Westgate Run:

Photo heading by an F2C forum member called Visigoth.


B7 said...

Considering it was the anniversary of the Ban the fake charities and stakeholder groups were extremly quiet.

Government can we please have a proper unfixed survey that includes smokers?. It may give a true picture of what people really want, oh but there again you would not want that would you.

Anonymous said...

If the publicans were given their choice to be either a smoking or non smoking pub then based on the YOUGOV survey 80% would remain non smoking pubs if given the choice as 80% of the population prefer non smoking places and love the ban.
So 8 out of 10 landlords would remain non smoking establishments by popular choice
BOLLOCKS they would.

BTS said...

Very well put Anon.

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