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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Throw Some More Money On The Fire

I recently reported that the EU had a budget to waste on three of their anti smoking campaigns totaling €106,840,000. Who knows how many more millions and millions are being wasted by the EU on unwarranted anti smoking tactics?.

Over breakfast this morning, (97p with family card at Ikea) I decided to carry out a random Google of "grants for anti smoking projects", the result a question asked by Lord Stoddart.

  • The Question:-To ask Her Majesty's Government whether the Action for Smoking on Health Group (ASH) or other anti-smoking organisations have received Government funding in 2006, 2007 and 2008; and, if so, how much in each year. [HL850].
  • The Answer:- Grants out of our taxes to Ash and to the No Smoking Day organisation amounted to £1,306,400 or €1,510,714.

In 2007-08 they also threw in an additional £50,000 or €57,819 of our money to the Tobacco Control Collaborating centre to implement smoke free persecution on residents in residential mental health units.

It also states, "The department also provides funding directly to the National Health Service for tobacco control and smoking cessation activities". ---- "In real speak this means multi millions pounds more of your taxes being spent on stopping you from enjoying a legal pastime / persuit.

Another £1,356,400 or €1,568,533 wasted, "well smoking rates are remaining nearly static?.

If you really want a fair deal and value for money go to Ikea you can also get a free cuppa.


Anonymous said...

That's just the tip of the iceberg. As well as direct Government funding to ASH and NO Smoking Day and the money they spend in the NHS, don't forget that they (it's almost like money laundering!) give millions to the likes of CRUK and BHF who then in turn funnel money to ASH. On top of that there is also the money they funnel into anti-smoking through Local Government. The likes of D-Myst and Smokefree Kids are wholly funded through grants from Local Councils. And where does THAT money come from? Our pockets of course. If the true scale of this waste was exposed (with smoking rates INCREASING and revenue from previously successful businesses DECREASING because of the Ban), there would be outrage.

That's why the response was so specififc. Just mention the millions given to ASH - don't mention the rest of it. Disgraceful.

Basil Brown said...

To think what the Labour wonkistocracy could have done with all that money...

... actually no, better not.

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