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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Snipering Reversed

Well folks haven't we had enough unwarranted horror with the diabolical events in Norway over the weekend, with 93 (so far) reported dead and countless injuries form gunshot wounds plus enough trauma to last anyone a lifetime. So having got that out of the system of disbelief at someones callousness to shoot at will it is seemingly becoming rife when one opens the Luton Herald & Post, for a leisurely read, only to find that one Alan Dee has decided that he has the perfect answer to our 'national smoking problem' - shoot all smokers! Very clever indeed, infantilishly clever.
 Shooters have their eye on smokers
It is obvious that this bonehead journalist sees smokers as a blight, a stain on our society so instead of simply allowing smokers/smoking to take its naturally diminishing course (well, it was until the smoking ban came in) he wants to assist the nation to healthyness.
It struck me that perhaps he was in collusion with another nutcracker, Paul Bartlett, who it now seems has taken to e-mailing our friend Dick Puddlecote incessantly with ravings about fire. The reason I thought of this collusion was quite simply that with all the supposed fag butts in Mr Bartletts domain, popping of a few smokers here and there as they stepped out for a fag would easily wash away the fag butts with the blood of the unfortunately deceased smokers!Two in one you see folks-I love value for money. Councillor Bartlett would only have to do a quick celebratory war dance, the rains would come and the streets would be spotless again.-simples.
I then got to thinking about where this ideology was going, I mean, where were the smokers in all this? Rock bottom that's where! So, it's time for a reversal and reversals always start with the media, so it's time to kick anti smokin' ass folks. We know the ban has bred a new breed of sanctimonious prats-the holier than thou dickheads, so this is for them:-

Response to Alan Dee-Luton Herald & Post (23/07/2011 Page 8)

Let me describe another way of righting the wrongs, the evils of this country! We now have, just over 4 years into this infernal smokeban, created a sub culture of sanctimonious prats. You know the sort, they stood in pubs joyously laughing at jokes with smokers/non smokers alike but now, suddenly, they feel the hand of righteousness is upon them as they castigate all that smoke-and obviously die. Well I’ve got news for all sanctimonious prats that don’t smoke-you will obviously die as well!
Let us look at two scenario’s shall we? Firstly, Professor Konrad Jamrozic, anti tobacco zealot and (junk) scientist( Yes, I am waiting Rollo!). It was his highly flawed study on tobacco/death that was the basis of this ban, courtesy of the totally biased SCOTH Committee. I’ll bet that even he couldn’t believe his good fortune when his ‘study’ was utilised for such purpose. Jamrozic lived in a smoke free environment, worked in a totally smokefree, laboratory environment in his quest for his Utopia. He died in his mid fifties from cancer-a sarcoma actually, which is a bone cancer that has no known cause. Well, upon my soul! How could such a thing happen?
Now let’s look at Bertrand Russell. Russell led the British "revolt against idealism"-now there’s a thing in this idealistic smokefree world now being moulded. He died aged 98 after smoking his pipe for 72 years (shock-horror!). One of the greatest liberal thinkers of our modern age smoked for 72 years and saw off many of his friends, associates and even enemies. How can this possibly be when he smoked?
With Jamrozic’s totally unreliable study backing up the rest of the lies, fabrications and statistical manipulations we have a law in place that has cast a great divide amongst a nation that once united to thwart the German forces who threatened to over-run all of Europe. Strange that it was Hitler who first employed modern day smokebans - alongside Jew-hating! Now it's smokebans & smoker hating!
To some, 60 years on, smoker hating has occurred with the same vehemence as previously quiet, inoffensive souls now waft an arm at the merest hint of cigarette smoke. I’ve seen pathetic souls complete 5 mile charity walks 'in a breeze' yet when they see a smoker outside their local pub they suddenly have all the symptoms of a chronic asthmatic-I am amazed that they can muster the strength to drink themselves stupid during the rest of the night! But then they have no company for the pubs are now mausoleums in the main!
For Alan Dee’s information the good people of Stony Stratford saw these lunatic proposals for what they really were-crackpot ideas from a crackpot idealist who cares not a jot for 25%-28% of the population. Noticeable that he was fully supported by ASH et al as they saw this as a wonderful opportunity to endorse their ideals of a smokefree nation; from little acorns?
Blogger Dick Puddlecote issued a call to arms of all pro-choice bloggers and believers in freedom of choice., as the nation’s leading pro-choice, grass roots organisation immediately rallied to the call as did blogosphere, such that come the day (Sat, 16th July) The Vaults Bar (Bull Hotel) was packed with freedom fighters-including prominent speakers Roger Helmer MEP & Nigel Farage MEP. Most noticeable was the number of non smoking locals who turned out in, atrocious weather, to support the pro-choice lobbyists. The idealistic Councillor Bartlett failed to join the party!
Tuesday night came and his lunatic proposals were not even seconded as every other council member saw through his ‘healthist veil’. In fact a show of hands realised a 148 - 2 vote AGAINST the councillor-I don’t think anymore needs to be said on that subject!
What these idealistic fools fail to see is the cost of trying to kill off that which is a perfectly legal pleasure, a pleasure which netted the Treasury a cool £11bn last year in duties, yet only cost £2.7bn in treatments, giving the NHS a cool £8.3bn fund to play around with! So Alan Lees, what ‘costs’ are smokers actually lumbering the NHS with? In a proven survey it is the healthy folk that cost most as they live longer-not so idealistic now is it!
If you have your wish and ‘pop’ all the smokers you will find your income tax rising dramatically to compensate for the £11bn suddenly lost to the Treasury-do you fancy your wages being subjected to another £25p-30p to compensate for your ideals? Do you not see that normal, everyday people have had enough of nannyism’s and bully states? Do you not see all the ex-businesses and poverty developing around you? Stony Stratford proved that and as a non smoker I am proud that I was there, “the day that idealists got booted up the a**e!”
Perhaps we ought to turn the tables and simply go round ‘popping’ all the newly created 'sanctimonious prats'! Perhaps turning the clock back to a normal tolerant society is needed? Now there is an interesting proposal! Boom Boom.

Yours sincerely

Phil Johnson


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Phil, my friend, do you not think that you use too many exclamation marks? !!!!!!!

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"Ah! there is the 'vent your spleen!"

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