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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Stony Stratford-Balmy v Barmy

This morning, on BBC Three Counties Radio, an interview took place between David Odell, Stony Straford's Business Association Chairman who spoke passionately about Herr Bartletts ludicrous proposal at the mass protest on Saturday and, yes it's that man again, Paul Bartlett.

David Odell could be described as a 'balmy' kind of person for his speaks in a quiet, authoritative but soothing manner. He is a mild, well mannered and pleasant gentleman-a credit to the sleepy market town of Stoney Stratford.
David Odell
Now in my blog of the events of Saturday I warned that this man-loon (Bartlett) will not go away for he is of the lunatic mindset that he can change the world!
Bartlett, as reported yesterday has delayed his motion until the 20th September - the reasoning is truly barmy.
Cllr Paul Bartlet
Barmy Bartlett states that he has the motion delayed "because the people, who are against making Stony Stratford a healthier environment for everybody, have not got their arguments together properly, so I'm giving them an opportunity to do that."
Now isn't that just so generous! I mean, he wants another 6 /7 weeks for everybody to realise that he (the saviour of the world and giver of eternal life) is doing them a favour-by using the health veil! Oh please!
Cllr Bartlett after spotting a smoker in the high street
David Odell refutes that Stony Stratford is unhealthy (it looked exceedingly healthy on Saturday when I was there!) and explains that he has spent a good part of his life, as a local businessman expounding the virtues of this delightful little place situated 'just off' the A5 and a stones throw from the M1. To him, he sees it as Barmy Bartlett is putting a banner at either end of the place saying don't enter if you smoke. In effect, that is exactly what 'BB' is proposing!

'BB' responds with feigned incredulity that anyone would not enter the town because they couldn't smoke a fag. " It's totally ridiculous. There isn't one business in the town that has closed since the smoking ban in pubs and restaurants... There wouldn't be one saying that they won't go to Stony Stratford because they can't smoke." Well sorry to piss on your parade there 'BB' but not all that long ago I blogged on the fact that the smoking ban had been the final nail in the coffin of the Stony Stratford WMC, after 100 years of serving the local community.

Also 'BB', apart from the 142 bodies (my humble head count) that attended the protest on Saturday, I didn't see any drinkers in any of the other pubs-did you?

'BB' still bangs on about children being burnt by cigarette ends carried along by smokers, the 'dense fug' as a wisp of smoke curls viciously toward the person walking behind a smoker-even if that person be a smoker him/herself. We also have to consider the immense rubbish problem of fag butts-so immense in fact that this idiot went to Milton Keynes to find enough fag butts to make a picture worthwhile!

What we must remember here though is that 'BB' had the full praise of ASH for this initiative for they will have seen this as a heaven sent opportunity to produce 'research' and bona fide 'surveys' that at least 80% of the residents fully backed Barmy Bartlett-except this time, we know different.

However, the writing is on the wall, they will instruct Bartlett to proceed with getting the Town Council to agree (firstly) that they support the health of their residents and then in September argue that this motion is just an extension of that first decision. ASH tactics stamped all over it-the Town Council must not be hoodwinked by this move. Barlett doesn't care about the pollution he causes with his ambulance, or any other forms of transport for that matter, but he does hate smoking/smokers with a passion!

Does anyone have a direct link to the good people of Stony Stratford to warn them of what is occurring here? if so, please pass this on to David Odell & Co for as our good friend Roger Helmer stated on Saturday-"this is the thin end of a very nasty wedge, this is not about health this is about liberty". How right he is for this affects the liberty of every single human being in this country!

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