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Friday, 15 July 2011

One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest in Stony Stratford!

We all know by now, surely, that a certain councillor from Stony Stratford is proposing an outright smoking ban in the town streets.
He proposes that traffic wardens, CPO’s, (plastic plod) and any other official that now patrol our streets on a daily basis should be able to police the ban by giving out spot fines of around £70 to errant smokers. Not unsurprisingly there is opposition to his loony idea, which becomes less loony as the idea seeps into the publics, and the MSM’s, consciousness.
The loony councillor and his proposal came to the attention of that esteemed blogger and champion of smokers rights, Dick Puddlecote. So much so that Mr Puddlecote has organised a protest gathering of smokers and non smokers alike to voice their disdain.
Last night Mr Puddlecote and Mr Bartlett were asked to go ‘head to head’ on Talksport radio but the errant councillor went all shy on us and the radio jock was having a problem getting hold of him on his mobile phone, which is funny as the good councillor has had no problems prostituting himself in front of the media’s cameras.
Paul Bartlett picks up cigarette butts in Stony Stratford     No if’s and definitely no BUTTS! 
Mister Bartlett eventually was tracked down and did a massive U turn, you see the purpose of his proposed ban has nothing to do with litter, it’s all about your health and the media got it all wrong. It’s for the children he says in the recording below, all for the sake of the children, a mantra often trotted out by the anti smoker to garner the awwwwwwww effect.
Dick Puddlecote comes in around 9 minutes into the program and the councillor sometime later.
I left some of the banter from the presenter in as he hit the nail on the head more than once.
Man Widdicombe has more or less the same recording, it’s all good stuff.


Pat Nurse MA said...

We must got to wales next where an even bigger threat to liberty based on smokerphobia is planned - a ban on smoking in cars. Who's coming?

Anonymous said...

Iv,e already pre-empted that....there has been a sign in the back window of my car stating"This car is smoking throughout....No Children Allowed",for the past week.

TheBigYin said...

I wish I could attend these protests but am not as mobile as I used to be.

I would have loved to go to your protest the other week Pat as I have relatives in Knotts and they would be ever ready and willing to put me up for a couple of days but due to my wife's illness (Dementia)I am more or less housbound.

I am always heartened by others who put themselves out at such events, it makes me realize I am not so alone.


Mr A said...

I'll be at Stony Stratford tomorrow.

Mr A ("dastardly" on the F2C forums).

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work Dick. I'd love to go to Stony Stratford and Wales, but I do not have a car any more and it takes too long to get to some places by train from east Anglia.

Smoking Hot said...

l'm sorry to offend anyone living there but the truth of the matter is l cant stand Wales! For me, they could tow it out to sea never to be seen again. l avoid the place like the plague. This latest thing with no smoking in cars just adds to my total dislike of the place.

When oh when are we going to get politicians that represent the people who voted them in? Rhetorical question because we all know they drop the people as soon as they are elected.

Well done Dick and hope it's a great day tomorrow but it looks as though it will have to repeated time and time again. The righteous zealots just wont stop. Banning smoking on the streets, in cars is all on the agenda whilst lurking in the background is banning smoking in houses.

Can't do this one so l'll catch you at some of the other demos for as sure as eggs are eggs ... there will be more as the zealots never stop.

Anonymous said...

Going to Milton Keynes,for me,
is akin to slurping the moisture from Lucifer's loins,but for
freedom I will just have to hold my nose

If only we had 300 like Leonidas
If only our the candle flame could
erupt into a furnace
If only?

Penultimate Goth

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