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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

All aboard-last call for Stony Stratford

Stony Stratford update
Just a quick update from ‘moi’, concerning the Stony Stratford protest this coming Saturday, the 16th. Due to TV involvement and other schedules it is necessary to meet in “SS” country at approximately please.
Update from Puddlecote Towers states: Most importantly, please note that the start time has been moved forward by an hour to 11am. This has been necessary for best media results (it's a long story). We will now be gathering at The Vaults from 11am onwards with speeches expected to start at 11:45.
Local press will be in attendance, ie BBC Look East who will be bringing their cameras along on the day.
Talk about taking a sledgehammer to crack that proverbial walnut! –we are dealing with a sanctimonious, egotistical anti smoker/pratt here. In an interview with Jeremy Vine (yes, Mr Bartlett got his 5 minutes of fame!) he admits to bullying his poor old dad because he did not like his dad’s pipe smoking! Nice respect for the man that brought him up, fed him, watered him and gave him a home!
Adolf Bartlett also slobbers on about “accidentally walking into unclean environments....” (35 mins into programme-I kid you not folks, you couldn’t write the script!) yet a car/lorry/bus chugs its way through Stony Stratford (A5 no less!) every minute of the day spewing out life threatening exhaust fumes for all to breathe in!
It is blatantly obvious that this insidious, petty minded official would happily see smokers/smoking removed from the planet (tomorrow) which is in direct contravention to any person’s freedom2choose for themselves.
The smoking ban has already seen off the century old Stony Stratford WMC yet Mr Bartlett seems totally unconcerned that two major town pubs, steeped in history, may well follow suit if his despotic plans are carried through!
We (freedom2choose) fully support any anti-litter campaign and to that end have been in discussion with the manufacturers of ‘personal pocket ashtrays’ which provide an instant solution to what Herr Bartlett sees as his lever to dictatorship.
Whether you a smoker be or a smoker you don’t be, is immaterial. This protest concerns all of us for this man is directly confronting our freedom of choice in an open air environment!
Have a day out (apparently the beer is excellent), come and enjoy a unique experience and listen as we have excellent speakers attending. This is a well organised, orderly protest involving like-minded people, both smokers & non smokers, to show that petty minded despots such as Adolf Bartlett will never be tolerated in this country.
We now have 3 posters of Herr Bartlett for protesters to display, should they wish:-
Do you really want an intolerant bigot on your Town Council? Get rid of him now!!!

An unacceptable face of the  Nanny State Get rid of him now!!!

Another petty official who would like to control what you do & what you think Demand his resignation NOW!!!

We have the f2c advisory letter which shows a clear alternative to Councillor Bartlett’s highly restrictive measures and protecting businesses in the area. We advocate education not prohibition!
We have the freedom2choose banner – the media won’t miss that!
And-as a final touch to rattle the good councillors cage just ever so slightly, we have 6 rather large freedom2choose cigarettes to display on the day!
Now it’s up to you folks so I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Stony Stratford on Saturday.
For the very latest updates check out Dick Puddlecote’s updated blog here.

Phil Johnson

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