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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Video footage from Stony Stratford


Anonymous said...

No More Talk
Time To Do.

opsimath said...

Well done to everyone who turned out to oppose this illiberal crank and his unworkable and offensive scheme.

I am not a smoker, although I was one for more than 40 years, like the MEP in the video; if I have to go out and buy some, just to get up this self-appointed gauleiter's nose, I shall be pleased to do so!

Power to you all and frustration on our enemies!

TheBigYin said...

It's very kind of you to say this opsimath. There are some things that you anjoy but some bansterbator wants to take your right away to enjoy it.

Keep a watch on those kinda people as they have the ear of the powerbrokers in this country.

Live long and prosper.


Twenty_Rothmans said...

Thank you for posting this. I wasn't able to hear or see all of it from the back of the room.

The more I see of Mr Farage, the more I like.

TheBigYin said...

He grows on you Rothmans, doesn't he, Nigel I meen. I've never met Farage but have met his sidekick Godfrey Bloom a few times and they both sing from the same hymn sheet when it comes to the smoking ban.

I'll never vote Labour again, especially after hearing the likes of Nigel speak.

Anonymous said...

Please... Back this video up, the health zealots are sure to try and remove it from Youtube etc.

Get it posted on websites far and wide because it tells the whole story !!!
Wish I could have been there yesterday because what DP,F2C and Nigel Farage are doing is totally amazing
thank you
Back these videos up !

Anonymous said...

eyetube is your friend.

TBY, my constituency has 5,000 votes between the Tories and Labour (the former ahead), but UKIP only barely beat the Greens. A vote for Nigel would be a vote for Ed.

What turned me on to Mr Farage was the pro-cuts protest in London a couple of months ago. The turnout was embarrassingly weak, but Nigel still came out and strutted his stuff.

If the Tories had had him at the last election, we might have been free of the LibDems.

Anonymous said...


budgie said...

It was indeed a brilliant day.

F2C were well represented. And it was good to see all the other groups and bloggers gathering in one place in unity. There was absolutely no opposition - all the locals I spoke to were 100% against the pillock and smoking bans in general.

I'm quite proud of the F2C placard etc - bit of frantic designing, printing and woodwork work on Friday but they got a lot of coverage in the pics and videos!

I know you'd have loved to have been there, but you were in spirit. Maybe next time...

TheBigYin said...

@Anon in the last three posts. Thanks for the praise for the video posting but I did nothing but post it and I see Dick Puddlecote has posted the same video.

I purposely made no mention of Freedom2Choose as this was not their parade but anothers, who is a member of Freedom2Choose, Dick Puddlecote. Dick was flying the flag in the general direction that says that the loony councilors idea are an idea to far for democracy. But I was gladdened when, in the video, I saw F2C literature at the speakers table and I'm sure that's down to two people, David, aka budgie on the forum, and our chairman, Phil Johnson. If there was anyone else then I'll stand corrected.

I cannot say enough about our chairman Phil as he has worked tirelessly for F2C, going from one end of the country (England)to the other, the man is one of my heros.

That said I have d/loaded the video to my harddrive for use at a later date.

Anonymous said...

"illiberal crank", so that would apply to all the fucking arsehole MSP's, MP's, and whatever they have in Wales and Northern Ireland who jumped on Ireland's "fuck off smokers" bandwagon with such enthusiasm, the fuckers were practically falling over their seats to vote for bans, big proud swinging dicks...

Jack McConnell, Andy Kerr, Stuart Maxwell - illiberal cranks all, and all pissing in the same pot, fuck em all.

Anonymous said...

Going forward, in addition to organizing and getting enough to show up for purposes of demonstrating political opposition to specific new proposed bans in the future, such as the upcoming automobile smoking ban being discussed in Wales - and this is a digression from that point - but there is also a bit of personal economic inducement the Stony Stratford protest would demonstrate to various small pub owners across the entire country - which is the huge turnout resulted in a good profit for that day for the pub owner. Thus, as an additional inducement, outside the political implications of holding demonstrations, this proves that any pub in the UK that were to go out of its way, of its own accord, and organize and sponsor a "Freedom Day", inviting smokers into the pub and arranging for a speaker or two to show up, could well earn enough profit on that day to help overcome the loss of business being endured on all the other days of the month. On that purely personal economic basis alone, this could be another way of promoting in general, "Freedom Days" at the pubs, for those suffering loss of business, a way to help overcome some of that loss - while at he same time contributing to the general idea of people retaining freedom of choice and supporting freedom over that of the nanny state idea, which is a "true good" idea and not just the "false good" empty promises and lies the nanny state and anti-smoking industry has been presenting over the last several years. It's as if pub owners would be doing some "true good", earning a ticket to heaven so to speak, while making profit at the same time - it's a win-win for everyone - except for the nanny-state anti-smoking industry that is.

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