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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Freedom2Choose Newsletter–July 2011

Some titbits from this month’s F2C Newsletter which can be viewed in it’s entirety here, but first…
Chairman's Message
A damned fine day was had by all f2c members who travelled to London to the Save our Pubs and Clubs reception hosted by Greg Knight (C), Roger Godsiff (Lab) & John Hemming (LibDem). In all, sixteen MPs were invited by f2c members with apologies being received from Edward Garnier (Mkt Harborough),  Andrew Bridgen (Leicester North), Andrew Robathan (South Leicestershire) & Karl McCartney (Lincoln). Jon Ashworth (Leicester South) responded and met with me at the reception but unfortunately, with the exception of Joe Benton (Bootle, Liverpool) the others failed to respond at all. For the record, Joe Benton is an ex smoker and now declares the ban to be the 8th wonder of the world! Karl McCartney and Phil Wilson are being met locally by f2c members.
MPs failing to respond were:- Liz Kendall (Lab), David Tredinnick (C), Mark Garnier (C), Jim Cunningham (Lab), Geoffrey Robinson (Lab), Bob Ainsworth (Lab), Louise Ellman (Lab), Kieth Vaz (Lab), David Ruffley (C), Peter Bone (C), Edward Leigh (Con).

Our sincerest thanks go to Simon Clark of FOREST (SoPaC) for organising this event as more than 200 people travelled to support the campaign, including a dozen representatives from freedom2choose - well done to all!

And now for the irrepressible Pat Nurse who held a demonstration against the smoking ban in her area.
Freedom2Choose is proud to announce that Pat is now a full f2c member with responsibility for media advice.
Well done Pat and welcome!
Stony Stratford
When Councillor Paul Bartlett announced his intention to impose a New York style outdoor ban on the small town of Stony Stratford, he probably thought he was speaking for the majority who are, after all, non-smokers. In fact, the proposal has been widely condemned as ‘a step too far’ by smokers and non-smokers alike …
Late news from Iceland – a proposal that would see smoking phased out of existence over the next ten years is to be discussed when the Althingi (Icelandic parliament) reconvenes in the autumn …
Fame at Last!
Freedom2Choose members Dave Atherton and Pat Nurse were both active in media debate last month. Dave went head-to-head with arch-nanny Deborah Arnott, who can't see what's wrong with 'denormalising smokers', while Pat gave a spirited …
Other News
Despite what many would consider to be ethically difficult trading times for Big Tobacco, British American Tobacco (BAT) continues to offer good returns to investors …
There is much more to read in this months newsletter and I must give thanks to the F2C newsletter writing team for a very comprehensive edition this month, it’s a cracker!

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